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Bread Recipes

Crusty rolls and tasty loaves, seeded or wholemeal. You choose.  Our range of bread recipes will give you plenty of baking choices

Milk Rolls.jpg Milk Rolls.jpg

Milk Rolls

A sweet buttery bun also known as ‘pain au lait’, this is fairly simple to make but can be made more challenging by shaping into longer rolls and experimenting with slashing on top.

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Seeded Bread Rolls.jpg Seeded Bread Rolls.jpg

Seeded Bread Rolls

These sunflower and poppyseed rolls are simple to make and satisfying, served warm they make a great accompaniment to soups and cheeses.

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Bread rolls.jpg Bread rolls.jpg

Bread Rolls

Soft, white, flour-dusted bread rolls. Perfect for picnics and lunchtimes or as an accompaniment

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banana_loaf_listing.jpg banana_loaf_listing.jpg

Banana Loaf

Banana loaf is a great way to use up extra bananas.

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Brown Seeded Loaf.jpg Brown Seeded Loaf.jpg

Brown Seeded Loaf

A simple classic loaf using wholemeal brown flour and topped with seeds. You can use any combination of seeds such as pumpkin, poppy, sesame, sunflower. Perfect for sandwiches, served with soup or toasted.

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banana_bread_listing.jpg banana_bread_listing.jpg

Vegan Banana Bread

A great way to use ripened bananas, you can experiment with flavour combinations by adding peanut butter, dried fruit and nuts.

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Vienna Bread.jpg Vienna Bread.jpg

Vienna Bread

Soft light rolls perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. The characteristic horizontal slashes make this recipe a little challenging but very satisfying.

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Sourdough Bread.jpg Sourdough Bread.jpg

Sourdough Bread

Learn how to make your own sourdough using your starter.

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Country Bread.jpg Country Bread.jpg

Country Bread

This beautiful loaf is so simple to make and it’s the real thing. The slow proving process gives it a depth of flavour that develops naturally and is like that of a sourdough.

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White Bread.jpg White Bread.jpg

White Bread

A simple classic loaf, perfect for sandwiches, served with soup or toasted.

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Rye Bread.jpg Rye Bread.jpg

Rye Bread

A dense loaf with a delicious flavour, treacle or honey adds a subtle sweetness. Serve as part of a smorgasbord for a traditional Scandinavian experience or simply toast.

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Wholemeal Bread 700.jpg Wholemeal Bread 700.jpg

Wholemeal Bread

A simple 50/50 blend of plain and wholemeal flour. This classic bread is perfect for sandwiches, toasting and best served with a generous spread of salted butter.

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Red Onion and Rosemary Flatbread.jpg Red Onion and Rosemary Flatbread.jpg

Red Onion and Rosemary Flatbread

An easy to make bread that you can serve along side any meal.

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Zopfteig Bread.jfif Zopfteig Bread.jfif

Zopfteig Bread

A Swiss bread known for its soft, braided texture and subtly sweet flavour.

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Bacon and herb soda bread.jpg Bacon and herb soda bread.jpg

Bacon and Herb Soda Bread

Serve with butter or your favourite cheese.

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Feta, Herb and Sundried Tomato Pinwheel Bread.jpg Feta, Herb and Sundried Tomato Pinwheel Bread.jpg

Feta, Herb and Sundried Tomato Pinwheel Bread

A delicious Italian inspired circular bread, perfect for tearing and sharing

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Spiced Lamb Flatbread.jpg Spiced Lamb Flatbread.jpg

Spiced Lamb Flatbread

Inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean, this delicious flatbread is perfect with kebabs or Summer salads

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gb-kw-recipe-naan-bread.jpg gb-kw-recipe-naan-bread.jpg

Naan Bread

A basic recipe that is a great accompaniment to any curry dish.

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Cheese and Chilli Naan.jpg Cheese and Chilli Naan.jpg

Cheese and Chilli Naan

Not authentic but still delicious! This double cheese naan has a kick of chilli - a great accompaniment to any curry dish.

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gb-kw-recipe-coconut-naan.jpg gb-kw-recipe-coconut-naan.jpg

Coconut Peshwari Naan

Cooking your own Naan bread is easier than you might think, and it tastes amazing when freshly made.

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Almond-Croissants_700x456.jpg Almond-Croissants_700x456.jpg

Almond Croissants

A great morning treat and the perfect way to use croissants that are passed their best.

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yogurt-bread.png yogurt-bread.png

Yogurt Bread

This makes a great alternative to naan bread to accompany a curry or tagine. This recipe makes 9 pieces of bread.

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Cumin-and-Fennel-Bread.jpg Cumin-and-Fennel-Bread.jpg

Cumin and Fennel Cornbread

This savoury bread recipe goes well with any meal

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bread-with-cheese-and-olives.png bread-with-cheese-and-olives.png

Bread with Cheese and Olives

This delicious cheese and olive bread is a great addition to a tapas spread.

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kamut-bread.png kamut-bread.png

Kamut Bread

This Kamut bread has a delicious buttery, nutty flavour. Kamut flour sometimes requires more liquid than wheat flour so adjust the water if necessary, to ensure the dough is not too stiff.

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snake-breadsticks.png snake-breadsticks.png

Snake Breadsticks

These delightfully spooky breadsticks will be a real treat for Halloween, great served with tomato salsa or your own favourite dip.

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simple-soda-bread.png simple-soda-bread.png

Simple Soda Bread

This simple bread is great for children who are starting to take an interest in breadmaking. There is no yeast, no proving time, so no long wait.

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rice-bread.png rice-bread.png

Rice Bread

Gluten free bread made from rice flour rather than wheat flour.

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pita-breads.png pita-breads.png

Pita Bread

Soft pita breads best served freshly baked with homemade houmous.

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museli-bread.png museli-bread.png

Muesli Bread

With its healthy blend of grains and fruit muesli bread is one of the most nutritious breads you can eat. It has a nutty flavour and a natural sweetness from the dried fruit which makes this a deliciously healthy breakfast alternative.

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morning-bread.png morning-bread.png

Morning Bread

Choose from either a chocolatey, pistachio filled bread or a delicious cinnamon sugar filled treat.

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bread-baguettes.jpg bread-baguettes.jpg

Bread Baguettes

Make your own crunchy, white bread baguettes

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easter-rabbit-bread-rolls.png easter-rabbit-bread-rolls.png

Easter Bread Recipes

A range of beautiful breads and rolls for you to bake and enjoy over the Easter weekend

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tear-and-share-cheese-loaf-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png tear-and-share-cheese-loaf-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png

Tear and Share Cheese Loaf by Patrick Ryan

There is a great bread to serve to friends and family. It is a tear and share bread with roasted garlic and has a cheesy centre which gets brushed with, butter, garlic, and sea salt as it comes out hot from the oven. The dough is four simple ingredients flour, water, salt, and yeast.

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ultimate-cheese-bread-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png ultimate-cheese-bread-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png

Ultimate Cheese Bread by Patrick Ryan

This recipe is a tribute to a bread I use to make over 15 years ago during my time living in Bath, UK. The secret to this recipe is the quality of cheese. Bath is very close to Cheddar which gave me access to Cheddar Gorge Cheese and their 15-month mature cheddar which is what I used to create this original recipe.

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pizza-kebab-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png pizza-kebab-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png

Pizza Kebab by Patrick Ryan

This is my go-to pizza dough recipe. A dough that is jam packed full of flavour that only gets better and better over time. Once made the dough can be held for 72 hours allowing you enjoying delicious pizzas day after day.

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wholegrain-bagels-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png wholegrain-bagels-by-patrick-ryan-HERO.png

Multigrain Bagels by Patrick Ryan

Bagels must be the ultimate brunch bread. What’s unique about a bagel is the way it is cooked. The dough is first submerged in boiling water then finished in the oven

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