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Drinks & Smoothies

Refreshing smoothies, creamy milkshakes, delicious juices and delightful cocktail recipes

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From green, healthy smoothies to the classics and breakfast smoothies. Packed with with your favourite fruits and cleansing ingredients, we've got all the smoothie inspiration you need to start the day right here

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Delight the kids with these delicious milkshakes and get those five a day fruits into your drinks. Creamy banana, classic strawberry and of course chocolate makes an appearance too in our milkshake recipe collection

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gb-kw-recipe-apricot-liqueur.jpg gb-kw-recipe-apricot-liqueur.jpg

Apricot Liqueur Cooking Chef Recipe

Deliciously sweet and can be stored for up to 6 months

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gb-kw-recipe-rhubarb-liqueur.jpg gb-kw-recipe-rhubarb-liqueur.jpg

Rhubarb Liqueur Cooking Chef Recipe

Perfect for when you have a bumper crop of rhubarb - saves food waste!

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Mulled Wine

A simple mulled wine recipe a perfect Christmas drink for the festive season.

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gb-kw-recipe-baileys-cocktail.jpg gb-kw-recipe-baileys-cocktail.jpg

Bailey's Cocktail

The classic drink, already a delight to drink, made even better! Rumour has it the drink was originally created using a Kenwood Chef!

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gb-kw-recipe-mango-smoothie.jpg gb-kw-recipe-mango-smoothie.jpg

Mango, Pineapple & Passion Fruit Smoothie

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gb-kw-recipe-mocha-freakshake.jpg gb-kw-recipe-mocha-freakshake.jpg

Mocha Freakshake

Ice-cream, chocolate and coffee. What could possibly go wrong? ;-)

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After School Banana Smoothie

This quick banana smoothie makes a lovely refreshing treat on a hot Summer day.

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Hot Chocolate Orange

A delicious, creamy hot chocolate drink with zesty orange

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