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Meet The Chefs

raymond-blanc.png raymond-blanc.png

Raymond Blanc OBE

Michelin Made Simple

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tom-sellers.png tom-sellers.png

Tom Sellers

Michelin Star Chef Patron

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joseph-denison-carey.png joseph-denison-carey.png

Joseph Denison Carey

ITVs Passionate Chef

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clodagh-mckenna.png clodagh-mckenna.png

Clodagh McKenna

Suppers To Celebrate The Season

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suzanne-thorp-headshot.png suzanne-thorp-headshot.png

Suzanne Thorp

Classic English Cakes For The 21st Century

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peter-axworthy.png peter-axworthy.png

Peter Axworthy

Innovative Plant Based Eatery

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theo-michaels.png theo-michaels.png

Theo Michaels

Masterchef Contestant

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aoife-noonan.png aoife-noonan.png

Aoife Noonan

Multi Award-winning Pastry

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gary-o-hanlon.png gary-o-hanlon.png

Gary O'Hanlon

Stay at Home Feasts

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jack-o-keefe.png jack-o-keefe.png

Jack O'Keefe

The Rising Culinary Star

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ciara-fennessy.png ciara-fennessy.png

Ciara Fennessy

Live Cooking Classes

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nico-reynolds.png nico-reynolds.png

Nico Reynolds

Flavours From The Caribbean

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kerth-gumbs.png kerth-gumbs.png

Kerth Gumbs

Crowned Champion Chef

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vineet-bhatia.png vineet-bhatia.png

Vineet Bhatia

Master of Modern Progressive Indian Food

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damien-wager.png damien-wager.png

Damien Wager

Self-Taught Pastry Chef

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paul-ainsworth.png paul-ainsworth.png

Paul Ainsworth

Michelin Star Restauranteur

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lily-ramirez-foran.png lily-ramirez-foran.png

Lily Ramirez Foran

Showcasing Authentic Mexican Food

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marni-xuto.png marni-xuto.png

Marni Xuto

Soul Satisfying Thai Food

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takashi-miyazaki.png takashi-miyazaki.png

Takashi Miyazaki

Authentic Japanese Cuisine

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shilpa-razniewska.png shilpa-razniewska.png

Shilpa Razniewska

Traditional Indian Cooking

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shelina-permalloo.png shelina-permalloo.png

Shelina Permalloo

Authentic Mauritian Cooking

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bart-van-der-lee.png bart-van-der-lee.png

Bart Van Der Lee

Delectable, Elegant Cooking

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