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Vienna Bread

Serves: 10 peopleRecipe course: BreadsTotal time (min.): 205Complexity (1 to 3): 1
Soft light rolls perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. The characteristic horizontal slashes make this recipe a little challenging but very satisfying.



Ingredients 1 
Milk  300 ml 
Dried yeast  1 3/4 tsp. 
Plain flour  500 grams 
Caster sugar  30 grams 
Salt  1 1/2 tsp. 
Ingredients 2 
Unsalted butter  80 grams 

Ingredients 3 
Egg  1 beaten


Prep. (Before you begin) 

1- Cut the butter into cubes and leave at room temperature to soften.

Getting started

1- Fit the Spiral dough tool to the machine. 
2- Line the baking tray with parchment paper.
Stage 1 
1- Add Ingredients 1 (milk, yeast, flour, sugar, salt) into the Mixer bowl.
2- Attach the Mixer bowl to the machine and fit the splash guard. 
3- Mix on speed 1 for 2 minutes. 
4- Mix on speed 2 for 8 minutes. 
Stage 2 
 1- Add Ingredients 2 (butter) into the Mixer bowl, bit by bit while the machine is running.
 2- Mix on speed 2 for 5 minutes. 
 3- Cover with a tea towel.
 4- Leave to prove for about 1 hour, 30 minutes. 
 5- Carefully transfer the dough from the Mixer bowl to a lightly floured worksurface.
 6- Carefully flatten the dough with your wrist.
 7- Roll the far edge back towards you.
 8- Gently roll the dough to make it longer, applying even and gentle pressure.
 9- Divide the dough into 80 g pieces. 
10- Cover with a tea towel.
11- Leave to rest for 10 minutes.
12- Take one piece of dough.
13- Carefully use fingertips to press out the dough into a rectangle.
14- Take the long edge and roll the dough up tightly. 
15- Tuck the ends underneath. 
16- Repeat this action with the rest of the dough pieces.
17- Place the dough onto the lined baking tray.
18- Cover with a tea towel.
19- Leave to prove for about 1 hour.
Stage 3 
1- Pre heat the oven to 220ºC.
2- Brush Ingredients 3 (egg) over the dough.
3- Use a sharp knife or blade to make horizontal slashes down the length of the dough.
4- Bake for 20 minutes at 220°C or until the loaf sounds hollow when the bottom is tapped.
5- Leave to cool on a wire rack.
6- Serve.

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