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gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg

Lamb Pasander Recipe

A heavenly creamy curry everyone will enjoy, even children!

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Cambodian Amok Yellow Curry Recipe

This traditional Cambodian dish is a delicately flavoured curry, usually served with steamed rice.

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Vegan Thai Green Curry.jpg Vegan Thai Green Curry.jpg

Vegan Thai Curry

Delicate coconut spices and kaffir lime make this dish a winner

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gb-kw-recipe-coconut-naan.jpg gb-kw-recipe-coconut-naan.jpg

Coconut Peshwari Naan

Cooking your own Naan bread is easier than you might think, and it tastes amazing when freshly made.

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gb-kw-recipe-chicken-bhuna.jpg gb-kw-recipe-chicken-bhuna.jpg

Chicken Bhuna with Garlic & Coriander Naan

A full flavoured curry using chicken thighs, full of amazing spices

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Naan Bread

A basic recipe that is a great accompaniment to any curry dish.

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