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Crispy Leftover Roast Potato in Massaman Curry by Marni Xuto

Serves: 2Category: CurryCourse: MainsMachine: MixerTotal time (min.): 35
crispy-leftover-roast-potato.png crispy-leftover-roast-potato.png

Marni is serving up a delicious crispy roast potato massaman curry. This recipe is the perfect winter warmer, filled with aromatic spices and creamy coconut milk. Best of all, this fiery curry can be prepped in just 35 minutes and is entirely vegan, perfect for those busy weeknights.




  1. Preheat the oven to 235 Celsius.
  2. Put the leftover roasted potatoes and bake in the oven until the skin turns crispy. ( Mine took about 20 minutes).
  3. On the Kenwood Cooking XL stand mixer: Throw in the shallots, red chilli, garlic, ginger, clove and coriander seeds in a mini chopper attachment. Select the minimum speed and blend until they turn into a rough paste. Set aside.
  4. Put the peanuts in the Cooking Chef XL bowl. Attach the stirring tool and toast the peanut at 170 Celsius, the minimum speed for 5 minutes. Remove the peanuts once finished.
  5. In the same mixing bowl, pour the oil with the paste and fry under the settings of 160 Celsius, the minimum speed for 1.30 minutes.
  6. Add the ground nutmeg, cumin, cinnamon, mace, paprika and gently fry further under the same settings as above.
  7. Pour the coconut milk and cook under the settings of 100 Celsius, the minimum speed for 5 minutes. Season with light soy sauce, tamarind concentrate, yeast extract, salt, pepper and sugar halfway through this cycle.
  8. Turn the stirring function off and simmer for further 8 minutes at 100 Celsius.
  9. Squeeze the lemon juice and fold. Then serve this velvety Massaman curry with crunchy potatoes and Thai Jasmine Rice.