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Marni Xuto

Marni is a recipe developer, cook–along host, cooking demonstrator, and blogger. She specialises in Oriental food and loves promoting how easy Thai food can be.


About Marni Xuto

Having grown up in the heart of Bangkok, Marni Xuto's recipes are a love letter to her roots. From a young age quickly found her passion for food, learning how to make authentic Thai dishes - making coconut milk and tamarind sauce from scratch. During her Career, Marni has built up an extensive knowledge of international cuisines and developed a deeper understanding of flavour combinations and pairings.

Marni combines the best of British produce in her Thai and Oriental-inspired dishes. Marni aims to bring the perfect balance of sweet-salty-sour and spicy - these are the essence of Thai flavours.

Marni is a recipe developer for many brands, runs private and online cooking classes, showcases and is a host at various food festivals. She is the founder of . Recently, she has chosen to be one of the contributors at My Chef Skills, Online Cooking Courses from Industry Professionals.

Outside the kitchen, Marni loves spending time with her daughter, practising yoga and meditation. "I am not a person who champions a hectic life, but often it is difficult to avoid. At home, I adore effortless cooking yet not compromising in taste. That is so-ul satisfying!"

chilli-chocolate-spread.png chilli-chocolate-spread.png

Chilli Chocolate Spread by Marni Xuto

The perfect accompaniment to a buffet spread or a beautiful handcrafted gift for someone you love, this is a delicious, sweet spread with a fiery kick

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crispy-leftover-roast-potato.png crispy-leftover-roast-potato.png

Crispy Leftover Roast Potato in Massaman Curry by Marni Xuto

This recipe is the perfect winter warmer, filled with aromatic spices and creamy coconut milk

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jade-noodles.png jade-noodles.png

Jade Noodles AKA Homemade Spinach Noodles by Marni Xuto

Marni’s recipe for these decadent jade noodles is a delicious way to bring in the Chinese New Year

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japanese-souffle-pancakes.png japanese-souffle-pancakes.png

Japanese Soufflé Pancakes by Marni Xuto

Are you looking for pancakes with a twist? Marni's Japanese Soufflé Pancakes are light and delicious - Perfect for a weekend brunch

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lobster-tom-yum.png lobster-tom-yum.png

Lobster Tom Yum by Marni Xuto

Marni’s lobster tom yum is an authentic Thai recipe that makes the perfect starter for your festive celebrations

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mango-delight.png mango-delight.png

Mango Delight AKA ‘Mango and Sweet Sticky Rice’ by Marni Xuto

This is such a simple and delicious recipe that you just must try

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sea-bream-with-spring-onion-and-ginger.png sea-bream-with-spring-onion-and-ginger.png

Sea Bream with Spring Onion and Ginger by Marni Xuto

Deliciously meaty sea bream marinated in a host of aromatic flavours and served with wonderful tenderstem broccoli

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sweet-and-sour-christmas-leftovers.png sweet-and-sour-christmas-leftovers.png

Sweet and Sour Christmas Leftovers by Marni Xuto

Are you looking for a way to revitalise your Boxing day dinner? Marni has a delicious recipe with her sweet and sour Christmas day leftovers

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