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Shane Smith

Master Pastry Chef, Shane Smith has over 20 years’ experience working in some of the world’s most celebrated pastry kitchens across the globe.


About Shane Smith

Shane’s love of culinary arts started at a young age and he was inspired by his two grandmothers and mum who were all avid home bakers. At the age of 16, he began his first job as a Commis Chef at a local hotel, where his love of cooking was cemented. The aspiring chef began his formal training at Killybeg’s Tourism College in Donegal, and went on to graduate with a Degree in Culinary Arts, specialising in Pastry, from Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.

Shane considers himself very lucky to have spent the past two decades in a career that fulfills him on a daily basis, experimenting with seasonal ingredients and methods, developing new recipes and pushing his creativity to produce exquisite pastries that are sculptural, beautiful and delicious. Today his culinary repertoire and technical skills are second to none and Shane is passionate about passing on his knowledge to the next generation of Pastry Chefs.

Over the years Shane has received numerous awards in recognition for his work, including “Best Bakery Manager in Ireland” and “Top 10 Pastry chefs in Ireland” by Food & Wine magazine. Shane was also the first ever pastry guest editor for Easy Food Magazine in August 2018. He can also be found cooking up a storm at some of Ireland’s most prestigious food festivals.

He is a regular contributor to The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, Food & Wine magazine and other national publications. He also writes a monthly baking column for the Anglo Celt newspaper in his hometown of County Cavan. Shane holds regular cookery segments on RTÉ & Virgin Media Ireland where he can be seen bringing his natural flare and love for all things sweet to the nation’s homes.

almond-raspberry-and-white-chocolate-galette.png almond-raspberry-and-white-chocolate-galette.png

Almond, Raspberry & White Chocolate Galette by Shane Smith

If you want the perks of a tart but don't have the tin, these free-form galette's are an absolute must

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apple-almond-sponge.png apple-almond-sponge.png

Apple Almond Sponge by Shane Smith recipe

Apple sponge is hands down one of life’s simple pleasures. Adding almonds and zesty lemon to the recipe knocks this sponge out of the park

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baked-lemon-and-blackberry-cheesecake.png baked-lemon-and-blackberry-cheesecake.png

Baked Lemon & Blackberry Cheesecake by Shane Smith

Thick, creamy and flavored with tangy lemon and blackbery throughout - simply divine

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blackberry-jam-doughnuts.png blackberry-jam-doughnuts.png

Blackberry Jam Doughnuts with Cinnamon Custard by Shane Smith

Nothing says autumn more than delicious blackberries! These warm sugary homemade doughnuts are filled with delightful blackberry jam and served with earthy-sweet cinnamon custard

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buttermilk-scones.png buttermilk-scones.png

Buttermilk Scones with Pimms Marinated Strawberries

What could be better than topping a buttermilk scone with whipped cream and Pimms marinated strawberries?

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Cartoon Sponge Cake.jpg Cartoon Sponge Cake.jpg

Cartoon Sponge Cake by Shane Smith

A showstopping take on a viral trend, check out Shane's delicious cartoon sponge cake

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cheesy-pizza-breadsticks.png cheesy-pizza-breadsticks.png

Cheesy Pizza Breadsticks by Shane Smith

Shane is showing us the perfect summer holiday activity for all the family. This is such a fun recipe to make with the kids and they're also the perfect lunchbox treat

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chocolate-almond-praline-brownies.png chocolate-almond-praline-brownies.png

Chocolate Almond Praline Brownies by Shane Smith

These are the ultimate brownies for all the chocolate lovers out there. Topped with a rich dark chocolate ganache and praline powder

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chocolate-and-hazelnut-profiteroles.png chocolate-and-hazelnut-profiteroles.png

Chocolate & Hazlenut Profiteroles by Shane Smith

Shane Smith's festive profiteroles are filled with delicious silky chocolate cream encased in an airy choux pastry ball before being drizzled with melted chocolate and adorned with chopped hazelnuts

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chocolate-birds-nest-gateaux.png chocolate-birds-nest-gateaux.png

Chocolate Birds Nest Gateau by Shane Smith

Chocolate Birds Nest Gateaux is the perfect dessert for the holiday season of Easter. This delicious and gorgeous looking dessert is ideal to impress your guests

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chocolate-hazelnut-roulade.png chocolate-hazelnut-roulade.png

Chocolate Hazelnut Roulade by Shane Smith

Shane’s decadent chocolate hazelnut roulade is the perfect dessert to celebrate the universally acclaimed hazelnut chocolate spread

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chocolate-raspberry-tea-cakes.png chocolate-raspberry-tea-cakes.png

Chocolate Raspberry Tea Cakes by Shane Smith

Shane Smith's chocolate raspberry tea cakes are the perfect accompaniment with a delicious cup of English breakfast tea

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christmas-clementine-pavlova.png christmas-clementine-pavlova.png

Christmas Clementine Pavlova by Shane Smith

Mountains of fluffy whipped cream are piled on layers of light, chewy meringue adorned with fresh clementine segments

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coffee-walnut-cake.png coffee-walnut-cake.png

Coffee Walnut Cake by Shane Smith

What could be more classic than a delicious coffee and walnut cake?

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courgette-and-goat-cheese-scones.png courgette-and-goat-cheese-scones.png

Courgette and Goat Cheese Scones by Shane Smith

Shane's recipe for goat's cheese and courgette scones are the perfect summer savoury dish with a twist

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dark-chocolate-pecan-pie.png dark-chocolate-pecan-pie.png

Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie by Shane Smith

Crumbly vanilla pastry filled with earthy pecans, rich dark chocolate and sticky golden syrup

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eton-mess-ice-cream-terrine.png eton-mess-ice-cream-terrine.png

Eton Mess Ice Cream Terrine by Shane Smith

A delicious alfresco showstopper, the classic Eton Mess flavours of raspberry, meringue, and cream pair beautifully to make this stunning frozen dessert

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eton-mess-pancake-stack.png eton-mess-pancake-stack.png

Eton Mess Pancake Stack by Shane Smith

Shane's exquisite Eton mess pancake stack are totally scrumptious. Light, fluffy pancakes drizzled in a rich raspberry coulis before being topped with chewy mini meringues, strawberries, and whipped cream

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