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Shilpa Razniewska

Award-winning Irish food blogger and self-taught photographer, food stylist and recipe developer Shilpa Razniewska showcases delicious authentic Indian cooking.


About Shilpa Razniewska

Shilpa Razniewska is an award-winning Irish food blogger and self-taught photographer, food stylist and recipe developer. Born and raised in Bangalore, India, she moved to Dublin in 2012 after her marriage. Having always been a self-proclaimed foodie, she created her blog, Soulful And Healthy, to share simple, easy recipes after becoming a Mum. Her blog quickly gained popularity and went on to win The Best Irish Blog Award in 2018.

As her recipes gained attention, she became a food photographer and food stylist, working with many Irish food brands and Irish producers. Now Shilpa’s recipes are published in many leading publications like The Irish Times, The Taste, The Journal, and many local and international magazines and newspapers. She also has had the pleasure of working as a photographer with some of the most popular restaurants in Dublin.

Shilpa is looking forward to sharing her authentic Indian inspired dishes with us here.

bangalore-style-chicken-donne-biryani.png bangalore-style-chicken-donne-biryani.png

Bangalore style Chicken Donne Biryani by Shilpa Razniewska

This Biryani is famous in the city of Bangalore where Shilpa was born. It’s served in a dried palm leaf cup which is called Donne in Kannada the local language, hence the name Donne Biryani

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carrot-halwa.png carrot-halwa.png

Carrot Halwa (Gajar ka Halwa) by Shilpa Razniewska

A simple vegetable like a carrot can be transformed into this decadent dessert or what we call as a sweet in India. It’s so simple to make and very few ingredients are needed but the taste is just so delicious

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coriander-and-coconut-chutney.png coriander-and-coconut-chutney.png

Coriander and Coconut Chutney by Shilpa Razniewska

A delicious and simple chutney made with fresh ingredients like fresh coriander leaves, freshly grated coconut, and tamarind

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cucumber-pachodi.png cucumber-pachodi.png

Cucumber Pachodi (Cucumber and coconut raita) by Shilpa Razniewska

Cucumber mixed in a paste made of fresh grated coconut, mustard seeds, tamarind and green chilli, this is not to be mistaken for the usual raita you would have tried

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dry-fruits-ladoo.png dry-fruits-ladoo.png

Dry Fruits Ladoo by Shilpa Razniewska

In Hindu tradition, Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet is ladoo. On this auspicious day, it'd be perfect to make this simple hassle-free and delicious ladoo that everyone can enjoy

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mangalore-boiled-egg-curry.png mangalore-boiled-egg-curry.png

Mangalore Boiled Egg Curry by Shilpa Razniewska

Delicious egg curry made with blending fresh coconut, dried red chillis, tamarind and fresh spices

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mangalorean-chicken-ghee-roast.png mangalorean-chicken-ghee-roast.png

Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast by Shilpa Razniewska

A beautiful blend of authentic Indian spices like dried red chillies, coriander seeds, cumin and juice of tamarind, this chicken curry is traditionally made in the coastal town of Mangalore in South India

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maple-roasted-carrot-soup.png maple-roasted-carrot-soup.png

Maple Roasted Carrot Soup by Shilpa Razniewska

Shilpa’s recipe for maple roasted carrot soup is the perfect autumnal lunch with delicious carrots, onions and garlic drizzled with signature maple syrup

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masala-vada.png masala-vada.png

Masala vada (Split Bengal gram lentil vada) by Shilpa Razniewska

This Masala vada is easy and simple to make but full of flavours

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neer-dosa.png neer-dosa.png

Neer Dosa by Shilpa Razniewska

Thin and delicate, almost like a handkerchief, these dosas (rice batter crepes) are easy to make with straightforward ingredients, and it's enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, or dinner

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palak-paneer.png palak-paneer.png

Palak Paneer (Spinach and cottage cheese curry) by Shilpa Razniewska

A delicious and flavourful dish made by blending palak or spinach into a fine paste along with paneer (cottage cheese) and aromatic spices

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paneer-butter-masala.png paneer-butter-masala.png

Paneer Butter Masala by Shilpa Razniewska

Shilpa’s fragrant paneer butter masala is a speedy midweek main that’s packed full of flavour

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prawn-sukka.png prawn-sukka.png

Prawns Sukka (Prawns In Semi Dried Gravy) by Shilpa Razniewska

Prawn Sukka or Yetti Ajadhina in my mother tongue Tulu, Yeti means 'Prawns' Ajadhina means 'Dried' this dish is a semi-dried gravy with a blend of aromatic spices, fresh coconut and tamarind

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