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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan is the face behind the award-winning Firehouse bakery and bread school. A former Corporate Law student, Patrick swapped law books for chef knives.


About Patrick Ryan

Having completed training under the guidance of Michelin starred chef Kevin Thornton at Thornton’s Restaurant in Dublin, Patrick has gone on to work in both the UK and Australia.

Patrick helped set up The Thoughtful Bread Company in Bath, where he spent 4 years as Head Baker - helping to establish The Thoughtful Bread Company as an award winning artisan bakery.

During this time Patrick published his first book “Bread Revolution” as well as starring in a BBC2 programme "The Big Bread Experiment". Patrick makes regular appearances on Virgin Media’s "Weekend AM".

Since returning home in 2012, Patrick has secured his place as one of Ireland’s most prolific artisan bakers. Patrick runs popular bread baking classes on Heir Island in West Cork as well as the award winning Firehouse Bakery and Café in Delgany Wicklow.

Patrick has just opened a new bakery school at his bakery in Wicklow and has plans to open a second café in the new year. As well as this Patrick operates an ever-growing wholesale bakery which serves numerous cafes, restaurants and stores throughout Wicklow and Dublin.

Patrick is one of the founding members of Realbread Ireland who strive to return bread to its rightful place as King of the Table.

"I am very excited to be teaming up with Kenwood.

Kenwood is the brand I grew up with. Always remember baking with my mum as a kid and the Kenwood mixer always on the go.

She had it for years, in fact I think it was a wedding present well that was until I almost knocked it off the kitchen counter, I thought she was going to kill me. But to find myself now working with Kenwood it is a huge honour."

You can learn more about Patrick and his bakery school on the Firehouse Bakery website.

banana-blueberry-and-almond-bostock.png banana-blueberry-and-almond-bostock.png

Banana, Blueberry and Almond Bostock by Patrick Ryan

A wonderful fusion between French toast and an almond croissant. Check out the recipe of Banana, Blueberry and Almond Bostock by Patrick Ryan

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beetroot-bread.png beetroot-bread.png

Beetroot Bread by Patrick Ryan

Pink, vibrant and full of natural sweetness from the beetroot. Check out this recipe of Beetroot Bread by Patrick Ryan

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breakfast-soda-breads.png breakfast-soda-breads.png

Breakfast Soda Breads by Patrick Ryan

This recipe really shows you how diverse a soda bread can be. Everybody loves a cooked breakfast, and this simple little delight means you can tuck into your favourite all day breakfast whenever you want! Great for the lunch box, picnic, or camping

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buttermilk-batch.png buttermilk-batch.png

Buttermilk Batch by Patrick Ryan

The bread is beautifully soft with a dark crust and just screams comfort. Check out this recipe of buttermilk batch buns by Patrick Ryan

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buttermilk-english-muffins.png buttermilk-english-muffins.png

Buttermilk English Muffins by Patrick Ryan

Effortless to make and the perfect addition to your breakfast spread, these buttermilk English muffins are ready in as little as 30 minutes

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caramelized-red-onion-roasted-garlic-and-thyme-ciabatta.png caramelized-red-onion-roasted-garlic-and-thyme-ciabatta.png

Caramelized Red Onion, Roasted Garlic and Thyme Ciabatta by Patrick Ryan

The flavour combinations of caramelised red onion, roasted garlic and rosemary just take this classic Italian bread to the next level. Patrick’s Ciabatta bread is the perfect carrier for the ultimate steak sandwich

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cheese-and-onion-braided-loaf.png cheese-and-onion-braided-loaf.png

Cheese and Onion Braided Loaf by Patrick Ryan

This recipe is a great savoury accompaniment for any occasion

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chocolate-brownie-babka.png chocolate-brownie-babka.png

Chocolate Brownie Babka by Patrick Ryan

Filled with a decadent and rich chocolate brownie mix, this sweet braided loaf is effortless to make with the help of our wonder Titinaium Chef Baker

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chocolate-pecan-and-banana-gluten-free-cookies.png chocolate-pecan-and-banana-gluten-free-cookies.png

Chocolate, Pecan & Banana Gluten Free Cookies by Patrick Ryan

This cookie recipe is so easy to make and a great way to use up those over ripe bananas

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croissants.png croissants.png

Croissants by Patrick Ryan

With a beautifully flakey shell and a soft centre, Patrick’s croissants are the perfect weekend treat to share with family and friends

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