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Jack O'Keefe

Jack O'Keeffe is a true rising culinary star with a passion for "saucy" comfort food that he showcases with his signature sense of humour.


About Jack O'Keefe

Former Head Chef of one of Ireland's top cookery schools and having worked in some of the countries top restaurants has led Jack to the current position of Executive Head Chef at one of Ireland's leading food and restaurant groups along with being a regular on Ireland AM - Ireland's longest running morning talk show.

Jack has an impressive collection of foodie accolades, but as he says himself, "I just love food, everything I love revolves around taste and smell, it drives my fiancé crazy". Jack believes that food is the greatest catalyst in the world for conversation, whether it’s oysters on a rain soaked beach in Connemara to a bowl of baba ghanoush in sun bleached Lebanon, it's something every culture in the world has in common.

cast-iron-lamb-chops.png cast-iron-lamb-chops.png

Cast-Iron Lamb Chops with a Wild Garlic and Asparagus Spaghetti by Jack O'Keeffe

This is my take on a classic Italian favourite that for me just screams “Hay! Winter is over and Here comes the sun"

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jacks-banging-lamb-tikka.png jacks-banging-lamb-tikka.png

Jack's Banging Lamb Tikka Masala by Jack O'Keeffe

Upgrade your curry night with my lamb tikka masala, served with rice, chutney and a splash of cooling yoghurt

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jacks-pan-fried-trout.png jacks-pan-fried-trout.png

Jack's Pan-Fried Trout with Wild Greens And Hollandaise by Jack O'Keeffe

Looking to add more fish to your dinners? Jack’s pan-fried trout with deadly greens and hollandaise is a perfect break from the norm

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pizza-fritta-jack-o-keeffe.png pizza-fritta-jack-o-keeffe.png

Pizza Fritta by Jack O'Keeffe

Everyone loves pizza, so when I discovered these little deep-fried pizza’s being fried in hot fat by street vendors I was in love

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sichuan-inspired-pork-stir-fry.png sichuan-inspired-pork-stir-fry.png

Sichuan Inspired Pork Stir Fry by Jack O'Keeffe

A go-to favourite at the local takeaway, this is my homemade version

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