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Vineet Bhatia

The first Indian to get a coveted Michelin Star, Vineet is accredited as the ‘Master’ of Modern Progressive Indian food, who has blazed a trail across the global culinary firmament, reshaping the cuisine.


About Vineet Bhatia

He left India in 1993, arriving in London with £7 in his pocket and nothing but ambition and love for Indian food.

Vineet Bhatia’s culinary life has been as much about professional triumph as it has been a quest for freedom.

Vineet’s food does not conform to the norms of traditional Indian cookery but the combinations, the contrasts in textures, flavours and temperatures and the sheer expressive range of the cooking comes from Vineet himself. Anything and everything around him, influences him – plates, magazines, people with opinionated likes and dislikes and his travels.

Recognised by food critics, fellow chefs and devoted customers alike, Vineet was awarded his first Michelin star in 2001, the first Indian chef to do so in its 100-year history. His personal venture Rasoi also received a Michelin Star in 2006 and he went down in the history books again when in 2009, ‘Rasoi by Vineet - Geneva’ was awarded its first Michelin Star. Vineet was again written into the history books as being the only Indian chef to hold a star both in the UK and outside of the UK.

In 2016 Vineet closed Rasoi in London and opened Vineet Bhatia London, a 33-seater restaurant serving a 16-course tasting menu, designed to elevate Indian food to an even higher level. VBL was awarded a Michelin star only 8 months after opening.

In November 2018, Bhatia opened “Kama by Vineet” at Harrods. Part One of the concept came as an Indian deli counter in Harrods’ infamous Food Hall. In June 2019, Part Two opened as a 26-seater restaurant in Harrods’ newly opened Dining Hall.

In a consultative capacity Vineet has been working with some of the world’s most exclusive hotels develop top class restaurants, most notably in Geneva, Mauritius, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and in his hometown of Mumbai. His books ‘Rasoi - New Indian Kitchen’ and ‘My Sweet Kitchen’ feature his signatory dishes hoping to inspire and lead chefs towards progressive Indian cuisine.

When he is not cooking at any of his restaurants or shooting for televised series, he is setting records and creating experiences of a culinary kind, such as the trek up to the Everest Base Camp in June 2018 to set up a ‘Pop Up Restaurant’ for three days, raising money for orphan girls and the Nepalese earthquake victims. In December 2019, he partnered with the French cruise liner Ponant along with Chef Alain Ducasse’s team for a new culinary experience on a remarkable ten-day expedition to the White Continent of Antarctica.

almond-butter-cookies.png almond-butter-cookies.png

Almond Butter Cookies by Vineet Bhatia

This almond butter cookies recipe was a happy accident

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chicken-koftas-edamame-salsa.png chicken-koftas-edamame-salsa.png

Chicken Koftas, Edamame Salsa by Vineet Bhatia

Meatballs are the ultimate comfort food! These meatballs are made of chicken mince and with aromatic spices they can make any mealtime special

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clotted-cream-ginger-ice-cream.png clotted-cream-ginger-ice-cream.png

Clotted Cream-Ginger Ice Cream by Vineet Bhatia

Making your own ice cream may sound intimidating … time-consuming perhaps, but believe it or not, this ice cream is incredibly easy to make and requires no special ice cream maker

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coconut-lamb-stew.png coconut-lamb-stew.png

Coconut Lamb Stew by Vineet Bhatia

This hearty coconut lamb stew is what I like to call a nutrient-dense dish, great fuel post-workout

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coriander-mint-feta-dip.png coriander-mint-feta-dip.png

Coriander-Mint Feta Dip by Vineet Bhatia

This gorgeous zesty coriander-mint and feta dip is great with crudités, crisps or crackers. Also very good to spread on a sandwich and top it with tomato and cucumber slices

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garlic-butter-and-herb-potato-dinner-rolls.png garlic-butter-and-herb-potato-dinner-rolls.png

Garlic Butter And Herb Potato Dinner Rolls by Vineet Bhatia

These potato rolls are my family’s favourite homemade dinner rolls. Extra fluffy and easy to make

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grilled-no-yeast-flatbread.png grilled-no-yeast-flatbread.png

Grilled No-Yeast Flatbread by Vineet Bhatia

These flat breads without yeast are very easy, quick and convenient to make

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no-bake-salted-caramel-cheesecake.png no-bake-salted-caramel-cheesecake.png

No-Bake Salted Caramel Peanut Cheesecake by Vineet Bhatia

This delicious no-bake cheesecake is so easy to make and is sure to be a firm favourite with your guests

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saffron-marmalade-glazed-pears.png saffron-marmalade-glazed-pears.png

Saffron-Marmalade Glazed Pears by Vineet Bhatia

These saffron poached pears are an easy yet indulgent recipe to impress your guests with

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salmon-coconut-cakes-dill-raita.png salmon-coconut-cakes-dill-raita.png

Salmon-Coconut Cakes, Dill Raita by Vineet Bhatia

These salmon-coconut patties are a refreshing take on your typical fish cake

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