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Takashi Miyazaki

Chef at Ireland’s first kappou-style fine dining Japanese restaurant, Ichigo Ichie. Takashi is showcasing authentic Japanese cuisine on Real Cooks. 


About Takashi Miyazaki

Takashi Miyazaki’s culinary career began in a 5-star hotel in Fukuoka, a city in the southern part of Japan. Chef Miyazaki trained extensively in fusion teppanyaki cooking, travelling across Japan to learn different regional cuisines with a strong desire to experiment with flavours.

In 2008, Chef Miyazaki left Japan for the Emerald Isle. As the first cherry blossoms opened in 2015, so did his celebrated Japanese takeaway in Cork City. Word spread about Miyazaki’s signature dashi as plans were afoot to create a showcase restaurant for his treasure box of Japanese food, using the best of Irish seasonal ingredients.

His restaurant, Ichigo Ichie brings for the first time a kappou-style fine dining Japanese restaurant to Ireland. Chef Miyazaki is once again behind the counter in a one-to-one environment, preparing and serving exquisite dishes with Japanese culinary craft and art.

In the words of the ancients, one should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths.

beef-curry-pan.png beef-curry-pan.png

Beef Curry Pan by Takashi Miyazaki

These mildly spiced Japanese beef curry encased in a crispy dough and breadcrumbs are a sure-fire way to shake up your pastry game

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chawanmushi.png chawanmushi.png

Chawanmushi by Takashi Miyazaki

Chawanmushi is a savoury soft egg custard that is delicate in flavour. This delicious appetizer is at the heart of Japanese cuisine and can be served hot or cold

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gyu-don.png gyu-don.png

Gyu Don by Takashi Miyazaki

The perfect midweek flavoursome kick, this recipe can be rustled up in less than an hour

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hiyashi-udon.png hiyashi-udon.png

Hiyashi Udon by Takashi Miyazaki

Light and bursting with umami flavours, hiyashi udon, Japanese for chilled noodles, is fantastic served as lunch or dinner during the summer months

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japanese-hamburg-curry.png japanese-hamburg-curry.png

Japanese Hamburg Curry by Takashi Miyazaki

A delicious twist on the traditional burger. This tender pork and beef patty is coated in a fragrant curry sauce

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japanese-strawberry-cheesecake.png japanese-strawberry-cheesecake.png

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake by Takashi Miyazaki

Airy sponge cakes filled with homemade strawberry syrup and fluffy whipped cream. Whatever the occasion, this fresh dessert will go down a blast with friends and family

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nikuman.png nikuman.png

Nikuman/Pork Bun by Takashi Miyazaki

Nikuman are traditional Japanese steamed buns filled with succulent pork mince with shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and leeks

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pork-wanton-soup.png pork-wanton-soup.png

Pork Wanton Soup by Takashi Miyazaki

Flavoursome and incredibly simple to rustle up. This pork wanton soup is a great way of using up leftovers from a whole roast chicken

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saba-dango.png saba-dango.png

Saba Dango Miso Nabe (Mackerel Ball Miso Hot Pot) by Takashi Miyazaki

Takashi’s Mackerel ball miso hot pot is a fragrant and aromatic dish that’s a perfect healthy recipe that’s effortless to rustle up

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tapioca-pannacotta.png tapioca-pannacotta.png

Tapioca Pannacotta with Cherry Coulis by Takashi Miyazaki

Takashi’s diary-free tapioca pannacotta with cherry coulis is a decadent twist on an Italian classic

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