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Nico Reynolds

Nico Reynolds is a Dublin native. From a young age Nico had a head in the cupboard and an eye over the shoulder of his Grandmother learning about the depth of flavour and the variety of spice in Caribbean cooking and soul food.


About Nico Reynolds

Bringing this knowledge to Latin American food he ran a catered event company and a small restaurant in Buenos Aires for 6 years.

Combining the depth of the flavours & aromas from the Caribbean with South American zests the menus began to take more influences from Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, and then became Caribbean cooking with Latin influences via Ireland!

Nico runs a pop up restaurant called Lil Portie which jumped into international recognition after the restaurant was featured on "F*ck That's Delicious with Action Bronson".
Since then he makes regular appearances on Irish TV in cooking segments on the "Today Show" and "Ireland AM", and was in house chef for "Lodging with Lucy".

"My Jamaican granny would bring informal bottles of scotch bonnet hot sauce by the litre to Dublin that I would in turn, bring back to South America and introduce into creative projects with chefs and cooks from around the world. This became the starting point for my recipes adding them to colourful South American palates. Finding different ways to use my Granny’s sauce for marinades, sauces, dips and bases became an obsession".

Culture is a force for unification. A shared history between us may not always be obvious on the surface but often the interpretations are from distant whispers that now become now ringing echoes. They are the bare elements of the human condition and the urges that every human must express; from the primal scream to the social gathering".

baked-fish-with-harissa-gazpacho.png baked-fish-with-harissa-gazpacho.png

Baked Fish with Harissa Gazpacho with Nico Reynolds

Looking for a BBQ centrepiece? This wrapped fish gently baked and served on a bed on gazpacho is perfect to spice up your outdoor dining experience

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butternut-cheese-puree.png butternut-cheese-puree.png

Butternut Cheese Puree by Nico Reynolds

Perfect as a spread on toast or as a dip

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chicken-burgers-with-coriander-lime-mayo.png chicken-burgers-with-coriander-lime-mayo.png

Chicken Burgers with Coriander and Lime Mayo by Nico Reynolds

Indulge your guests to these aromatic and flavoursome chicken burgers

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coleslaw-with-red-pepper-dressing.png coleslaw-with-red-pepper-dressing.png

Coleslaw with Roast Pepper Dressing by Nico Reynolds

Aromatic and crunchy, Nico’s homemade coleslaw is a great way of using up left over veg lurking in the fridge

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grilled-prawns-and-charred-corn-chowder.png grilled-prawns-and-charred-corn-chowder.png

Grilled Prawns and Charred Corn Chowder by Nico Reynolds

The perfect alfresco appetizer, grilled prawns served in a deliciously creamy coconut milk and charred corn chowder

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grilled-prawns-with-ecuadorian-peanut-sauce.png grilled-prawns-with-ecuadorian-peanut-sauce.png

Grilled Prawns with Ecuadorian Peanut Sauce by Nico Reynolds

This is Nico Reynolds' grilled prawns with Latin America’s answer to satay sauce. These are the perfect recipe to spice up your BBQ

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jamaica-jerk-marinade-pork-chops.png jamaica-jerk-marinade-pork-chops.png

Jamaica Jerk Marinade & Pork Chops by Nico Reynolds

Tender pork chops marinated and cooked in tangy and spicy Jerk sauce

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lemon-baked-cod-with-peanut-and-coconut.png lemon-baked-cod-with-peanut-and-coconut.png

Lemon Baked Cod with Peanut and Coconut Sauce by Nico Reynolds

Fresh and zesty, Nico Lemon baked cod topped with a peanut and coconut sauce is the perfect alfresco supper

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lemon-pepper-and-sumac-prawns.png lemon-pepper-and-sumac-prawns.png

Lemon, Pepper and Sumac Prawns by Nico Reynolds

The perfect appetizer for any occasion - sumac prawns with lemon juice and pepper. A sensational burst of tropical flavours

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peruvian-ceviche.png peruvian-ceviche.png

Peruvian Ceviche & 'Leche de Tigre' by Nico Reynolds

Nico is serving up a flavour infusion of citrus cured fish with a Peruvian blend of vegetables and herbs

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