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Quick & Easy Recipes

When you're short on time but still want to cook something delicious our quick and easy recipes are just the ticket

plp-_0018_turkish_delight_cheesecake_16_9.jpg plp-_0018_turkish_delight_cheesecake_16_9.jpg

Turkish Delight Cheesecake

Decorate this cheesecake simply with crushed pistachios or go fancy with rose petals, pomegranate seeds and nuts

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plp-_0000_squash_quinoa_hotcakes_16_9.jpg plp-_0000_squash_quinoa_hotcakes_16_9.jpg

Butternut Squash and Quinoa Hotcakes with Coriander Pesto and Tamari Seeds

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plp-_0009_Halloween_latte_16_9.jpg plp-_0009_Halloween_latte_16_9.jpg

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

An Autumn or Winter treat, make with your favourite coffee.

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Scones_700x456.jpg Scones_700x456.jpg


Scones are a classic afternoon tea treat traditionally served with clotted cream and jam.

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Jam-Tarts_700x456.jpg Jam-Tarts_700x456.jpg

Jam Tarts

A simple sweet treat but an old favourite, also a great way to use up extra pastry and any jams or curds you have leftover.

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Crumble-Topping_700x456.jpg Crumble-Topping_700x456.jpg

Crumble Topping

Use this as your base recipe for any crumble dessert. Simply sprinkle on top of stewed fruits such as apples and blackberries or rhubarb and strawberries bake and serve with custard for a perfect warming pudding

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Almond-Croissants_700x456.jpg Almond-Croissants_700x456.jpg

Almond Croissants

A great morning treat and the perfect way to use croissants that are passed their best.

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plp-_0016_Blueberry Souffle_16_9.jpg plp-_0016_Blueberry Souffle_16_9.jpg

Blueberry Souffle

This delightfully light blueberry soufflé recipe makes a sumptuous dessert

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Vegan Thai Green Curry.jpg Vegan Thai Green Curry.jpg

Vegan Thai Curry

Delicate coconut spices and kaffir lime make this dish a winner

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Savoury Blue Cheese and Pumpkin Cheesecake.jpg Savoury Blue Cheese and Pumpkin Cheesecake.jpg

Savoury Blue Cheese and Pumpkin Cheesecake

An alternative savoury cheesecake incorporating pumpkin and blue cheese

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Vegetable Tartlets with Winter Pesto.jpg Vegetable Tartlets with Winter Pesto.jpg

Vegetable Tartlets with Winter Pesto Recipe

A delicious, savoury combination of root vegetables in a pastry tart accompanied by pesto

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Juice Pulp Cake.jpg Juice Pulp Cake.jpg

Juice Pulp Cake

A cake made with the juice pulp of beetroot, carrots, ginger and apples and coated in cream cheese

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leek-and-potato-soup.png leek-and-potato-soup.png

Leek and Potato Soup

Warm and hearty leek and potato soup, perfect for a Winter's day.

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