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Millionaires Shortbread

Serves: 16 peopleRecipe course: Petit forsTotal time (min.): 40Complexity (1 to 3): 3
millionnaire_shortbreads_602x325.png millionnaire_shortbreads_602x325.png
A classic sweet treat. A layer of crisp, crumbly shortbread is topped with gooey caramel and smooth chocolate.


Stand Mixers
K beater


Ingredients 1 
Plain flour  250 grams
Caster sugar  75 grams
Butter  175 grams
Ingredients 2 
Butter  100 grams
Muscovado sugar  100 grams
Condensed milk  395 ml
Ingredients 3 
Dark chocolate 200 grams

Ingredients 4 
White chocolate 50 grams


Prep. (Before you begin) 

1- Break up the dark chocolate.
2- Break up the white chocolate.

Getting started

1- Fit the K beater to the machine.
2- Pre heat the oven to 180ºC.
3- Line the square tin with parchment paper.
 Stage 1 
1- Add Ingredients 1 (flour, sugar, butter) into the Mixer bowl.
2- Attach the Mixer bowl to the machine and fit the splash guard. 
3- Mix on speed 5 for 2 minutes. 
4- Press the shortbread mixture into the base of the tin and level.
5- Bake for 20 minutes at 180ºC.
6- Leave to cool.
 Stage 2 
 1- Add the first 2 items of Ingredients 2 (butter, sugar) to the large saucepan.
 2- Heat over a medium heat, stirring often until the mixture has come together.
 3- Add the rest of Ingredients 2 (condensed milk) to the saucepan.
 4- Bring to the boil, stirring constantly. Ensure you scrape along the bottom of the pan while stirring so no mixture sticks and burns.
 5- Lower the heat.
 6- Simmer for 2 minutes, while stirring.
 7- Remove from the heat and let cool, stirring occasionally.
 8- Once the caramel is cool, poor onto the shortbread and level.
 9- Place the square tin in the fridge.
10- Leave to cool.

Stage 3 

1- Add Ingredients 3 (dark chocolate) into a small glass bowl.
2- Heat until melted. 
3- Let cool slightly. 
4- Pour onto the caramel and level.

Stage 4 

1- Add Ingredients 4 (white chocolate) into a small glass bowl.
2- Heat until melted. 
3- Transfer the white chocolate into the piping bag. 
4- Pipe the white chocolate over the dark chocolate.
5- Let cool.
6- Cut into squares.
7- Serve.

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