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Lamb Recipes

Delicious lamb recipe ideas, including roast lamb, delicious lamb curries, and burgers

gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg

Lamb Pasander Recipe

A heavenly creamy curry everyone will enjoy, even children!

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Spiced Lamb Flatbread.jpg Spiced Lamb Flatbread.jpg

Spiced Lamb Flatbread

Inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean, this delicious flatbread is perfect with kebabs or Summer salads

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Brioche_Crusted_Lamb_1.jpg Brioche_Crusted_Lamb_1.jpg

Brioche Crusted Lamb Chops Served with Potato Rosti

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gluten-free-greek-style-lamb-burgers-with-feta-and-black-olives-with-tzatziki.jpg gluten-free-greek-style-lamb-burgers-with-feta-and-black-olives-with-tzatziki.jpg

Gluten free Greek style Lamb Burgers with Feta and Black Olives with Tzatziki

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