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Easter Recipes

From home-made Chocolate Easter eggs to hot cross buns and delightfully colourful iced biscuits or the main Easter Sunday roast lunch.  We've got your long weekend covered with our range of recipes.

plp-_0010_EASTER_EGG_16_9.jpg plp-_0010_EASTER_EGG_16_9.jpg

Chocolate Easter Egg

Make your own Easter egg decorated with white chocolate and dried raspberries. Fill with sweets and give as gifts this Easter.

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Easter-Biscuits-Kenwood-UK-Kitchen-Machine-Recipe.png Easter-Biscuits-Kenwood-UK-Kitchen-Machine-Recipe.png

Easter Biscuits

Traditional Easter biscuits with currants and mixed spice, we have also included some candied peel for a zesty citrus variation

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Hot Cross Buns.jpg Hot Cross Buns.jpg

Hot Cross Bun Recipes

There are lots of ways to experience the deliciously fruity taste of hot cross buns at Easter time. Try something a little different perhaps?

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simnel-cake-1.jpg simnel-cake-1.jpg

Easter Cake Recipes

Looking for the ultimate Easter cake recipe? We've got you covered, whether you are looking for traditional simnel cakes or chocolatey delights and nest cakes

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simnel-cake-1.jpg simnel-cake-1.jpg

Simnel Cake

A cake perfect for any Easter celebration.

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easter-rabbit-bread-rolls.png easter-rabbit-bread-rolls.png

Easter Bread Recipes

A range of beautiful breads and rolls for you to bake and enjoy over the Easter weekend

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easter-fudge.png easter-fudge.png

Easter Fudge

This simple treat is great to make with children and is perfect for an Easter party

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easter-meringue-baskets.png easter-meringue-baskets.png

Easter Meringue Baskets

This dessert is sure to impress your guests and make your Easter celebration even sweeter

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coconut-bunny-cupcakes.png coconut-bunny-cupcakes.png

Coconut Bunny Cupcakes

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious and cute bunny-themed cupcakes

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boiled-eggs.png boiled-eggs.png

Boiled Eggs

Perfect soft boil eggs everytime. For a more hard boil please let eggs rest for 2 minutes

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chocolate-egg-roulade.png chocolate-egg-roulade.png

Chocolate Egg Roulade

Just in time for Easter, indulge in a delicious chocolate egg roulade filled with whipped cream and coated in smooth chocolate buttercream

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yorkshire-puddings.png yorkshire-puddings.png

Yorkshire Puddings

Our recipe for the classic accompaniment to the British Roast dinner

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roast-leftovers-harissa-soup.png roast-leftovers-harissa-soup.png

Roast Leftovers Harissa Soup by Theo Michaels

This is a great dish to cook after having a roast dinner and using everything up

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pork-loin-chops-with-roasted-apple-sauce.png pork-loin-chops-with-roasted-apple-sauce.png

Pork Loin Chops with Roasted Apple Sauce by Nico Reynolds

Deliciously tender pork loins coated in in a fiery spice rub, served with a sweet and smokey charred apple sauce

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Vegetarian-Nut-Roast-Wellington.png Vegetarian-Nut-Roast-Wellington.png

Vegetarian Nut Roast

A sumptious vegetarian alternative to the traditional Christmas roast dinner

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basil-lamb-chops.png basil-lamb-chops.png

Basil Lamb Chops

These delicious lamb chops served with a fresh basil sauce is an amazing dish that you can easily make right at home

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Brioche_Crusted_Lamb_1.jpg Brioche_Crusted_Lamb_1.jpg

Brioche Crusted Lamb Chops Served with Potato Rosti

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222579_HMB40_Triblade-XL_Purée-and-Masher_Fishcakes_1000x667.jpg 222579_HMB40_Triblade-XL_Purée-and-Masher_Fishcakes_1000x667.jpg

Delicious lunch ideas for Easter weekend

Bring together friends and family this Easter weekend to enjoy a delicious feast with dishes such as smoked mackerel pâté, tender herb crusted rack of lamb, and indulgent hot cross bun and butter pudding.


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