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Food Processor Recipes

Your healthy eating assistant

Our food processors make it quicker and simpler to create food from scratch. We have some great recipes to help you be more mindful of what you eat. Explore some of our favourites below.
Bring colour to the dining table with a sweet potato and beetroot tart. Our food processors will precisely slice vegetables and easily make pastry.
This tasty sauerkraut has many health benefits. The fermented cabbage is good for your gut’s health, and the turmeric and ginger are both an anti-inflammatory.
Start the day right with a nutritious and satisfying breakfast. The slow releasing energy will keep you fuelled until lunch.
A more wholesome twist on a classic, this carrot cake makes for a perfect, guilt-free, weekend treat.
This delicious meat-free dish will have everyone asking for another slice. Serve with a salad or your favourite roasted vegetables.
Use the blender attachment to create a vitamin-rich smoothie. Try seasonal fruits and vegetables for varied flavour combinations.

Explore more Food Processor recipes

Whether you’re looking to create a flavoursome snack, a nourishing dinner or a sweet treat we have a Food Processor recipe for you.