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Christmas Recipes

Get busy with festive bakes to celebrate the seasons greetings

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Christmas Biscuits & Cookies

Wonderful Christmas biscuit recipes you can create with kids or make as gifts for family and friends

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Mince Pies

We've got a number of mince pie recipes for you to try, and each with their own individual twist to add more spice to your seasonal delights

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Christmas Cakes

There's more than one way to make a Christmas cake and our recipes will give you some choices when it comes to creating that special fruity delight this holiday season

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Christmas Drinks & Cocktails

Celebrate the festive season with traditional drinks and cocktails including creamy egg nogs and warming mulled wines

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Christmas Yule Logs

Our diverse collection of classic Christmas Yule log (Buche de Noel) recipes for you to make from scratch

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Christmas Sweets and Fudge

A delightful selection of Christmas sweets and fudge recipes for you to make at home. Keep the family entertained by creating delicious sweet gifts for hampers or make your own after dinner mints

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Christmas Dessert Recipes

All the dessert recipes you need for the whole Christmas and New Year season

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Christmas Gift Guide_Desktop Standard 490x320.jpg Christmas Gift Guide_Desktop Standard 490x320.jpg

The Kenwood Christmas gift guide

Whether you're treating the foodie in your life or it's about time you treat yourself to a helping hand in the kitchen, our gift guide will help you find the perfect gift.

KW-Article-Int-Christmas-Food-Recipes-Brandy-Butter.jpg KW-Article-Int-Christmas-Food-Recipes-Brandy-Butter.jpg

Brandy Butter

This traditional Christmas recipe adds a delicious flavour to your desserts. Best served on a warm mince pie or Christmas pudding.

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KW-Article-Int-Christmas-Food-Recipes-Christmas-pudding.jpg KW-Article-Int-Christmas-Food-Recipes-Christmas-pudding.jpg

Christmas Pudding

This Christmas Pudding is the perfect Christmas dessert, filled with warm spices and mixed fruit.

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Ginger Marmalade.png Ginger Marmalade.png

Ginger Marmalade

The perfect addition to create for your gift hampers or to make as part of your festive breakfasts

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Vegan Grazing Platter.jpg Vegan Grazing Platter.jpg

Vegan Grazing Platter

Perfect for all those get-togethers over the festive season

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Panettone_700x456.jpg Panettone_700x456.jpg


An Italian sweetbread bursting with rum soaked raisins and festive flavours

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ginger-bundt-cake-listing.jpg ginger-bundt-cake-listing.jpg

Gingerbread Bundt Cake

An impressive, sticky ginger cake. Great for dinner parties.

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Stollen_700x456.jpg Stollen_700x456.jpg


Stollen is a traditional German Christmas bread, this recipe takes a bit longer to make as you are making your own marzipan.

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Stollen bites.png Stollen bites.png

Stollen Bites

A miniature twist on this traditional German Christmas bread. Perfect with morning coffee or to serve to impromptu visitors

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chocolate-and-cherry-christmas-pudding.png chocolate-and-cherry-christmas-pudding.png

Chocolate and Cherry Christmas Pudding

This steamed chocolate and cherry pudding is an alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding. Serve with cream, custard, or ice cream

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Profiteroles_1.jpg Profiteroles_1.jpg


Serving this dessert to your friends or family is a guaranteed win! This recipe will show you how to make the choux buns and the chocolate sauce. You can choose whether to fill the choux with whipped cream, ice cream or try our Crème Pâtissière recipe

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Vegetarian-Nut-Roast-Wellington.png Vegetarian-Nut-Roast-Wellington.png

Vegetarian Nut Roast

A sumptious vegetarian alternative to the traditional Christmas roast dinner

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gb-kw-recipe-gingerbread-house.jpg gb-kw-recipe-gingerbread-house.jpg

Gingerbread Biscuit House

Delight with this beautiful gingerbread house. Children will love getting involved in the decorating of this gingerbread delight

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cheesy-tear-and-share-christmas-tree-bread.png cheesy-tear-and-share-christmas-tree-bread.png

Cheesy Tear and Share Christmas Tree Bread by Juliet Sear

This delicious sharing bread Is perfect for festive gatherings. You can make it a few hours ahead of when you wish to bake it, as it'll keep in the fridge once made up into its tree shape, this is so delicious it will be a massive party hit with your guests!

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sauteed-chestnuts.png sauteed-chestnuts.png

Sauteed Chestnuts

This side dish goes great with roasted meat

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gingerbread-latte-cupcakes.png gingerbread-latte-cupcakes.png

Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes with Marzipan Decorations by Juliet Sear

A delicious sponge filled with fragrant ginger, cinnamon and treacle, drizzled with coffee syrup and topped with icing and marzipan decorations, this is an ultimate festive sweet treat. If you don’t like Marzipan, you can also do this with modelling chocolate or sugar paste. To get the gingerbread shade, Juliet mixed orange and brown food colourings together, feel free to use any colourings you’ve got.

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stollen-muffins.png stollen-muffins.png

Stollen Muffins

These delicious Christmas muffins are a treat for the whole family.

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Tapenade.jpg Tapenade.jpg


Three options to create a delicious tapenade. Make them all to give as gifts for family and friends

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festive-bundt-nut-roast.png festive-bundt-nut-roast.png

Festive Bundt Nut Roast by Juliet Sear

This delicious centrepiece is a perfect idea for a meat-free Christmas dinner, it is so divine, packed full of flavour and quick to make if you use a food processor. Of course, you can do this by hand and make sure to chop everything really finely, but it’s a whizz in the machine!

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