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Breakfast Recipes

A great start to the day comes in the form of one of our delicious breakfast recipes, be it a healthy smoothie, a nutritious pancake, overnight oats or something else equally scrumptious.

Milk Rolls.jpg Milk Rolls.jpg

Milk Rolls

A sweet buttery bun also known as ‘pain au lait’, this is fairly simple to make but can be made more challenging by shaping into longer rolls and experimenting with slashing on top.

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White Bread.jpg White Bread.jpg

White Bread

A simple classic loaf, perfect for sandwiches, served with soup or toasted.

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Mixed Berry Buns.png Mixed Berry Buns.png

Mixed Berry Buns

Delicious, icing sugar dusted buns topped with a mixture of raspberries, cherries and blueberries

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gb-kw-recipe-mango-smoothie.jpg gb-kw-recipe-mango-smoothie.jpg

Mango, Pineapple & Passion Fruit Smoothie

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Bacon and herb soda bread.jpg Bacon and herb soda bread.jpg

Bacon and Herb Soda Bread

Serve with butter or your favourite cheese.

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Seeded Bread Rolls.jpg Seeded Bread Rolls.jpg

Seeded Bread Rolls

These sunflower and poppyseed rolls are simple to make and satisfying, served warm they make a great accompaniment to soups and cheeses.

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Bread rolls.jpg Bread rolls.jpg

Bread Rolls

Soft, white, flour-dusted bread rolls. Perfect for picnics and lunchtimes or as an accompaniment

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gb-kw-recipe-mocha-freakshake.jpg gb-kw-recipe-mocha-freakshake.jpg

Mocha Freakshake

Ice-cream, chocolate and coffee. What could possibly go wrong? ;-)

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plp-_0009_Halloween_latte_16_9.jpg plp-_0009_Halloween_latte_16_9.jpg

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

An Autumn or Winter treat, make with your favourite coffee.

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Almond-Croissants_700x456.jpg Almond-Croissants_700x456.jpg

Almond Croissants

A great morning treat and the perfect way to use croissants that are passed their best.

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