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Spring Recipes

Delicious hot cross buns, tasty lamb kebabs, Easter eggs.  All of these are a part of our range of recipes perfectly suited to the Spring season

plp-_0010_EASTER_EGG_16_9.jpg plp-_0010_EASTER_EGG_16_9.jpg

Chocolate Easter Egg

Make your own Easter egg decorated with white chocolate and dried raspberries. Fill with sweets and give as gifts this Easter.

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Hot Cross Buns.jpg Hot Cross Buns.jpg

Hot Cross Bun Recipes

There are lots of ways to experience the deliciously fruity taste of hot cross buns at Easter time. Try something a little different perhaps?

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Layered-Chocolate-Cake.jpg Layered-Chocolate-Cake.jpg

Layered Chocolate Cake

A versatile chocolate celebration cake and perfect as an alternative to Christmas cake too

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bakewell-tart-lising.jpg bakewell-tart-lising.jpg

Bakewell Tarts

A crisp tart filled with raspberry jam and frangipane, topped with flaked almonds and icing. Perfect for afternoon tea.

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gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg

Lamb Pasander Recipe

A heavenly creamy curry everyone will enjoy, even children!

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Spiced Lamb Flatbread.jpg Spiced Lamb Flatbread.jpg

Spiced Lamb Flatbread

Inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean, this delicious flatbread is perfect with kebabs or Summer salads

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plp-_0005_Pear and Chocolate Tart_16_9.jpg plp-_0005_Pear and Chocolate Tart_16_9.jpg

Pear and Chocolate Tart

In this recipe the classic combination of chocolate and pear is elevated into a decadent and indulgent piece of patisserie heaven

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Halloumi and Greens Gözleme with Chilli Lime Tahini.jpg Halloumi and Greens Gözleme with Chilli Lime Tahini.jpg

Halloumi and Greens Gözleme with Chilli Lime Tahini

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