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Celebration Cakes

Whether the celebration occasion is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or some other party gathering our delicious celebration cake recipes will be sure to wow your guests

celebration-cake-listing.jpg celebration-cake-listing.jpg

Celebration Cake

This zingy lemon celebration cake decorated with raspberry buttercream, chocolate brushstrokes and freeze-dried raspberry is perfect for a celebration or special occasion. Serve with fresh raspberries and prosecco

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christmas-fruit-cake-1004064_1920.jpeg christmas-fruit-cake-1004064_1920.jpeg

Celebration Fruit Cake

This celebration fruit cake is filled with juicy fruits and warm spices, perfect to be served on Christmas Day.

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royal_icing_listing.jpg royal_icing_listing.jpg

Vegan Royal Icing

Use this recipe to decorate any vegan biscuits. Aquafaba is the water from a tin of chickpeas and is a common egg white substitute in vegan baking

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Coconut and Lemon Buttercream Cake.jpg Coconut and Lemon Buttercream Cake.jpg

Coconut and Lemon Buttercream Cake

Deliciously refreshing, yet delicate and perfect for Summer celebrations and garden parties

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Christmas Cake by The Frostery

Mid November is the ideal time to make your Christmas Cake, allowing you a few weeks to feed it so it is nicely matured in time for Christmas

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Layered-Chocolate-Cake.jpg Layered-Chocolate-Cake.jpg

Layered Chocolate Cake

A versatile chocolate celebration cake and perfect as an alternative to Christmas cake too

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mothers-day-chocolate-box-heart-cake.png mothers-day-chocolate-box-heart-cake.png

Mother's Day Chocolate Box Heart Cake by Juliet Sear

Nothing says “thank you, Mum” like a delicious chocolate cake. Juliet’s recipe for this decadent showstopper is so easy, and you don’t even need a heart-shaped tin!

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valentines-baked-chocolate-tart.png valentines-baked-chocolate-tart.png

Valentine's Baked Chocolate Raspberry Tart by Shane Smith

The perfect dessert for the perfect occassion of Valentine's Day. Valentine's Baked Chocolate Raspberry Tart is made with love and a few simple ingredients but the texture and the richness will make you fall in love with the flavour

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easy-chocolate-cake.png easy-chocolate-cake.png

Easy Chocolate Cake by Suzanne Thorp

It is all about chocolate! This chocolate cake is so easy and yet so delicious. Just perfect for any occasion

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red-velvet-cake-listing.jpg red-velvet-cake-listing.jpg

Red Velvet Cake

An American cake that has a rich red colour and creamy icing

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valentine-red-velvet-cupcake.png valentine-red-velvet-cupcake.png

Valentine Red Velvet Cupcake by Suzanne Thorp

Valentine Red Velvet Cupcake is a dense and soft dessert, and makes for a perfect Valentine's day treat

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hazelnut-butter-birthday-cake.png hazelnut-butter-birthday-cake.png

Hazelnut Butter Birthday Cake

Go nuts over this hazelnut butter birthday cake

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classic-victoria-sponge-cake.png classic-victoria-sponge-cake.png

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake by Suzanne Thorp

The ultimate cake recipe, and a classic British teatime treat everyone loves

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toffee-apple-cake.png toffee-apple-cake.png

Toffee Apple Cake by Aoife Noonan

Four delicious layers of brown sugar sponge that are sandwiched together with a toffee apple purée

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lavender-orange-and-honey-cake.png lavender-orange-and-honey-cake.png

Lavender, Orange and Honey Cake by Aoife Noonan

This cakes combines the sweet notes of the honey, the fresh zesty touch of the oranges and finally, the special aroma of lavender. It is perfect to share with the loved ones for any occasion

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rainbow-candle-cake.jpg rainbow-candle-cake.jpg

Rainbow Candle Cake

Why have one colour when you can have them all! This Rainbow Candle Cake is perfect for birthdays and celebrations.

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strawberries-and-cream-cake-.jpg strawberries-and-cream-cake-.jpg

Strawberries and Cream Sponge

The classic strawberry and cream sponge cake, delicious on for those Summer afternoon teas or coffee mornings

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