The complete all in one cooker

Chop, Steam, Stir, Knead, Mix, Weigh, Slow-cook, Blend, Grate, Slice and Stir Fry all in one device! Cook smart with the stylish and intelligent CookEasy+. Equipped with the latest technologies for both the every day cook and the culinary explorer, the CookEasy+ takes the stress out of weekday meals and helps you experiment with exciting new recipes.

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Step-by-step app controlled recipes

CookEasy+ offers Step by Step guided cooking, controlled through the FREE Kenwood World app*. Get inspired and explore 1000+ of recipes, which work together with CookEasy+’s pre-set functions, to guide you through each stage of the cooking process.

Make recipes your own by scaling the recipe to suit the size of your family, and substitute ingredients with smart swaps to fit recipes to your taste or what's in your fridge.

*Compatible with iOS 10 & 11 and Android 5 onwards.

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User friendly colour touch screen

Quickly select from the many features and cooking styles avaliable using the CookEasy+ intuitive 4.3" colour touchscreen.

Save time for weekday meals by selecting one of the 8 customisable preset programs from the menu. Just add the ingredients and press the control button to start.

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Automated, all in one cooking

The CookEasy+ simplifies the cooking process, combining all the different elements and cooking styles into one elegant design. 

Everything you need is included to prepare your recipe, and then steam, bake, slow-cook or stir-fry it to perfection. 

Use the app to discover new recipes tailor-made for CookEasy+. Feeling creative? Recreate all your favourites with full manual control. 

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Removable Direct Prep Tower

The Direct Prep Tower allows you to slice and grate ingredients straight into the cooking bowl in seconds whilst the 4 included bowl tools automate the stirring, mixing and kneading so that you can leave it to do its work whilst you entertain your guests.

CookEasy+ will even keep your food warm if your guests are late to the table.

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Convenience and ease of use

An accurate weighing scale is integrated directly into the unit so that you can add your ingredients directly into the bowl without measuring in a separate container.

Everything you need for your chosen recipe is listed at the beginning, everything organised beautifully for a stress free experience.

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Compact and versatile

The CookEasy+ fits easily onto your kitchen worktop and will become an essential daily cooking tool you will love to use. Add your favourite recipes in the app, and quickly move between delicious mains and tempting desserts with little fuss and minimal clean up. 

CookEasy+ makes even the most complex meal simple, and friends and family will adore the results. If you do not have enough of an ingredient, the app can even suggest alternatives for some ingredients. 

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Complete temperature control

Whether you want to sauté, simmer or steam, the wide temperature range of 30 - 180°C and precise 1°C incremental control enables a wide variety of cooking functions so that you can manage both simple and very complex cooking skills.

Carefully melt chocolate, prepare the perfect roux and get the right consistency for your risotto. With accurate temperature control, consistent stirring and integrated timer function the CookEasy+ will help you get the perfect results, every time.

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Unsure if this is the right product for you? 

Book a LIVE DEMO with one of our experts! Choose a time to suit you, and one of our experts will guide you through the product over a video call, answering all your questions and addressing any concerns. 

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What's in the box?

  • Main Unit with integrated scales
  • Polished Stainless Steel Main Bowl & accompanying Fitted Lid
  • Direct Prep Tower 
  • Stirring Tool
  • Knife Blade
  • Fine Grating Disc
  • Extra Fine Grating Disc
  • Coarse Grating Disc
  • Whisk (Maxblade)
  • Slow Cook Plug
  • Lid Adapter
  • Steaming Basket [cont...]

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Also in the box...

  • Steaming Tray
  • Thick Slicing Disc
  • Thin Slicing Disc
  • Measuring Cup
  • Spatula
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Three year guarantee when you register your CookEasy+

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Great reviews on our International sites!

CookEasy+ was originally launched in France, and continues to receive excellent reviews every month. 

The product was rated for design, ease of use, and features. Then, customer feedback was studied carefully to create our most advanced cooking processor ever.

We cannot wait to share this product with passionate cooks in the UK.

View the French review site

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