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kMix Creaming Beater AX500 Grey


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Product details

The innovative plastic body and removable wiper of the Creaming Beater make for a fast working tool that's perfect for even the most delicate cake mixes and toppings. Its pliable wings work around the sides of the bowl to ensure an even consistency throughout the mix.

Fits only kMix models. For Chef Creaming beater see AT501 (standard size) or AT502 (Major/ XL size). 

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general specifications

Body material: Plastic
Weight (kg): 0.15
Mixer size: kMix
Colour: Grey


Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Outlet: Bowl outlet


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A creaming beater is designed for cake making. It scrapes the mixture from the sides of the bowl and thoroughly incorporates all of the ingredients. Sadly it negates to need to lick the bowl afterwards! The kMix version can be ordered via our website by clicking here.  More information on the kind of results you can obtain with the creaming beater can be seen in our short tutorial video

The beater with the rubber coating is a Creaming Beater and works in a similar manner to the K-Beater, but it scrapes the side of the bowl whilst mixing.

It is perfect for softer cake mixtures and ensures the ingredients are incorporated to perfection. It is a popular addition to the kMix Stand Mixer.