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Chefette Hand Mixer HM680


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Product details

Happiness is homemade with the Chefette hand and stand mixer, combining fantastic results with no mess to create the perfect bake.

What’s in the box


The Chefette is a flexible combination of compact stand mixer and hand mixer to give you complete baking freedom for when you just want to quickly whisk up a few ingredients in a separate bowl or if you want to use the full capabilities of the mixer.

Key Features

When you need more
When you need more The generous stainless steel 3L bowl is large enough to handle all the ingredients you need to achieve airy sponges, crunchy biscuits and cheesecake bases with the perfect bite.
Speedy results
Speedy results Control your mixing and whisking with the 5 speeds plus pulse, be it at a slower pace for kneading dough or faster speed for whisking egg whites to create light, fluffy mousse.
Effortless mixing
Effortless mixing Watch the transformation as the 350W motor quickly and easily whisks and mixes every last ingredient. It’s the ultimate for creating everything from silky pancake batters to sweet, light dessert toppings.
Light and airy bakes
Light and airy bakes Egg whites are turned into fluffy, delicate meringues and sponge mixes transformed into light, moist cakes with the stainless steel beaters.
Get your doughs just right
Get your doughs just right Achieving doughs with a good consistency is simple with the stainless steel kneaders. Work it as much as your recipe dictates for tasty breads and biscuits.
Mixing confidence
Mixing confidence Mix and knead with confidence with the comfortable SureGrip™ handle.
Rotating Bowl
Rotating Bowl This model features a clever rotating bowl ensuring you get an even mix every time.
Splashguard When you're using the Chefette as a stand mixer, it comes with an easy to fit splashguard to ensure all your ingredients stay in the bowl when mixing.

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Pulse function: Yes
Automatic rotating bowl: Yes


Bowl capacity (L): 3


Twin beaters: Yes
Twin kneaders: Yes

general specifications

Weight (kg): 2.3
Size (LxWxH) (cm): 34.5 x 39 x 27
Bowl material: Polished stainless steel
Body material: Plastic
Speeds: 5
Colour: White
Tools Material: Stainless steel
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Old Chefettes are often over 40 years old and regrettably the spares are no longer available. It may be worth trying an auction site such as eBay for second hand parts if you are keen to keep your product in working use, although bear in mind the age of this product.

Alternatively, we have recently reintroduced the Chefette to the market, after strong customer demand.

The HM400 and the HM680 is available from all good retailers.

Chefette Hand Mixer HM680

Chefette Hand Mixer HM680

£50.99 £99.99
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