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Slow Cooker Recipes

gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg gb-kw-recipe-lamb-pasander.jpg

Lamb Pasander Recipe

A heavenly creamy curry everyone will enjoy, even children!

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gb-kw-recipe-chickpea-curry.jpg gb-kw-recipe-chickpea-curry.jpg

Chickpea Curry & Onion Tarka

A lovely mild vegetarian staple dish they'll adore

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gb-kw-recipe-sweet-sour-chicken.jpg gb-kw-recipe-sweet-sour-chicken.jpg

Hot Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

A lovely sweet & sour dish - so simple to create in your slow cooker

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gb-kw-recipe-rice-pudding.jpg gb-kw-recipe-rice-pudding.jpg

Rice Pudding

The best kind of rice pudding is made in a slow cooker!

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