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Savoury Spinach Pancakes

Serves: 6Mealtime: Dinner, LunchType: PancakesTotal time (min.): 30Complexity (1 to 3): 1
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A spinach and herb pancake filled with a whipped feta and cream cheese or ricotta filling. A spinach and coriander puree is made in the food processor attachment which is then whisked through the batter. This puree could be made with a mixture of herbs instead of coriander to use up any fridge leftovers you may have. 



For the pancake filling:

•    30g baby spinach
•    Water, boiling, as needed
•    170g feta            
•    130g soft cheese or ricotta        
•    40ml milk            
•    1 tbsp lemon juice        
•    ½ tbsp lemon zest        
•    25g pine nuts, toasted
•    10g fresh chives, roughly chopped
•    Black pepper, to taste

For the pancake batter:

•    70g spinach            
•    15g fresh coriander
•    75g butter                    
•    450ml milk            
•    3 eggs            
•    150g plain flour        
•    Salt, to taste


•    To make the pancake filling, add the baby spinach into a colander placed over a large bowl. 
•    Carefully pour boiling water over the spinach and leave to cool. Once cooled, squeeze the excess water from the spinach, then roughly chop.
•    Transfer the chopped spinach into the Mixer bowl and fit the K-Beater to the machine.
•    Add the feta, soft cheese, milk, lemon juice, lemon zest, pine nuts, chives, and black pepper into the Mixer bowl. Mix on speed 5 for 30 seconds or until combined. Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and refrigerate until needed.
•    Next, move onto the spinach pancake batter. 
•    Assemble the Food Processor attachment with the knife blade fitted and attach to the high-speed outlet of the Chef mixer. Add the spinach and coriander into the Food Processor bowl and secure the lid in place.
•    Pulse until you have a purée, scraping the sides of the bowl midway if needed.
•    Remove the Food processor attachment from the machine and empty the spinach purée to a small bowl. Set aside for later. 
•    Add 50g of the butter into a frying pan (roughly 20cm) on a low heat until the butter has melted. Empty the melted butter to a small bowl and reserve the frying pan for later.
•    Fit the clean the Mixer bowl and whisk tool to the machine.
•    Add the milk, eggs, flour, and salt into the Mixer bowl and fit to the machine. Mix on speed 5 for about 30 seconds until combined, scraping down the sides of the bowl if necessary. 
•    Pour in the melted butter from earlier and mix on speed Max for 30 seconds, or until combined.
•    Add the spinach and herb puree from earlier and mix on speed Max for 10 seconds, or until combined.
•    Heat the frying pan over a medium heat until hot. Add the remaining 25g of butter to the frying pan, then remove any excess with a piece of kitchen towel.
•    Pour a ladleful of pancake batter into the pan and swirl to coat the bottom. Cook for 1 minute on each side or until cooked through, then transfer the pancake to a plate.
•    Keep the cooked pancake covered and warm in a low-heated oven while you cook the rest. Repeat the same with the remaining batter.
•    To serve, add the whipped cheese filling and your choice of toppings such as halved cherry tomatoes, sliced avocado, or cooked mushrooms. Enjoy the pancakes warm or chilled.

Serve the pancakes warm or cold with your choice of toppings, we recommend sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes and/or cooked mushrooms.


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