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    Kitchen Machines - “The model number can usually be located on the base of the product either embossed into the plastic or on a silver label”

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Patissier Food Mixer - KM240 - 0W20010012 Prospero KM240 0W20010012 The Kenwood Prospero KM240 kitchen machine with stainless steel bowl is designed to make it easy for you to choose the right kitchen machine for all your usual cooking tasks.
Prospero - KM280 KM280 0WKM280001 The Kenwood Prospero KM280 kitchen machine
Prospero - KM283 Prospero KM283 0WKM283001 The Kenwood Prospero KM283 silver compact kitchen machine
Prospero - KM281 Prospero KM281 0WKM281001
Prospero - KM288 Prospero KM288 0WKM288001 The Kenwood Prospero KM288 black compact kitchen machine