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Delight the kids with these delicious milkshakes and get those five a day fruits into your drinks.  Creamy banana, classic strawberry and of course chocolate makes an appearance too in our milkshake recipe collection

gb-kw-recipe-mocha-freakshake.jpg gb-kw-recipe-mocha-freakshake.jpg

Mocha Freakshake

Ice-cream, chocolate and coffee. What could possibly go wrong? ;-)

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dairy-breakfast-shake.jpg dairy-breakfast-shake.jpg

Dairy Breakfast Shake

Start your day with this satisfying breakfast shake.

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orange-milkshake.png orange-milkshake.png

Orange Milkshake

This is a creamy drink with a light orange taste. If you prefer a smooth drink use orange juice instead

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banana-milkshake.png banana-milkshake.png

Banana Milkshake

This quick Banana Milkshake makes a lovely refreshing treat on a hot Summer day.

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vanilla-milkshake.png vanilla-milkshake.png

Vanilla Milkshake

A simple and easy milkshake, best served cold with ice.

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