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Egg Fried Rice

Serves: 4Cuisine: ChineseRecipe course: AccompanimentDifficulty: 1Machine: Cooking MachineTotal time (min.):  10
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Fried rice has been a kitchen staple since as early as the Sui Dynasty (589–618 CE) in China. This fried rice recipe is quick and easy to make at home and it's a great way to use up leftover rice. Cooked, cold rice makes the best fried rice and it transforms boring leftovers into an entirely new dish. Fried rice is endlessly adaptable, and you can add extra ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, or meat. It can be eaten by itself or as an accompaniment to another dish.


For the sauce:

For the fried rice:



Step 1

  1. Add dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and sesame oil into a small bowl
  2. Stir to combine and set aside

Step 2

  1. Fit the Stir Tool
  2. Add vegetable oil into the appliance bowl, fit the splashguard
  3. Heat - 2 minutes, 150ºC, speed off
  4. Add eggs into the appliance bowl  
  5. Cook - 30 seconds, 110ºC, speed Stir 1

Step 3

  1. Add rice into the appliance bowl
  2. Cook - 1 minute, 110ºC, speed Stir 1
  3. Transfer the sauce from the small bowl into the appliance bowl
  4. Season to taste with salt and pepper
  5. Cook - 2 minutes, 110ºC, speed Stir 1
  6. Serve

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