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Dairy Breakfast Shake

Serves: 1Course: DrinksMeal: BreakfastMachine: BlenderTotal time (min.): 1
dairy-breakfast-shake.jpg dairy-breakfast-shake.jpg

Start your day with this satisfying breakfast shake.




  1. Add all the ingredients to the Triblade Beaker
  2. Attach the Standard Triblade attachment and lower in to the beaker at an angle. Blend the ingredients together using Turbo, for approximately 10-15 seconds to create a smooth and tasty breakfast milkshake.
  3. Remove the rubber mat from the beaker and use as a lid for storage if not consumed immediately. Shake or stir before serving if stored. Consume within 24 hours.

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Mocha Freakshake

Ice-cream, chocolate and coffee. What could possibly go wrong? ;-)

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