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Bolani (Afghani Style Flatbreads)

Serves: 8Mealtime: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Machine: Cooking MachineType: BreadsTotal time (min.): 90
bolani-afghani-style-flatbreads.png bolani-afghani-style-flatbreads.png

Bolani is a popular dish in Afghan cuisine that is often enjoyed during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. It is a type of flatbread stuffed with a variety of fillings, such as potatoes, pumpkin, or leeks. The bread is then baked or fried until crispy, resulting in a delicious, savoury snack. Bolani is a great option for breaking the fast-during Ramadan as it is filling, tasty, and easy to prepare. It can be served with chutneys or dips for added flavour, making it a perfect dish to share with friends and family during this special time of year.




  1. Attach the Dough Tool
  2. Add water, vegetable oil, salt and dried yeast to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  3. Lift the Cooking Chef head and fit the heat shield
  4. Mix with splashguard fitted - 1 min, Speed 2
  5. Then add plain flour to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  6. Mix with splashguard fitted - 3 min, Speed 2
  7. Transfer dough to medium bowl and cover
  8. Prove - 30 min
  9. Clean Cooking Chef bowl
  10. Attach the Stir Tool
  11. Add potato and water to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  12. Cook with splashguard fitted until softened - 15 min, 105°C, Stir 4
  13. Drain potatoes into colander
  14. Clean Cooking Chef bowl
  15. Attach the Creaming Beater
  16. Return potatoes to Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  17. Add spring onion, coriander, green chilli, salt, ground turmeric and black pepper to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  18. Mix with splashguard fitted - 1 min, Speed Min
  19. Transfer dough to work surface
  20. Divide into 8 equal pieces
  21. Roll into balls
  22. Cover with kitchen towel then set aside
  23. Place one dough ball onto a lightly floured worksurface and form into a 20 cm circle
  24. Spread 2 tablespoons of filling on one half of the shaped dough, leaving a 1 cm edge
  25. Dip your finger in water and wet the edge of the dough
  26. Fold the dough over the filling creating half a circle shape
  27. Push out any excess air and press along the edge to seal
  28. Repeat with the rest
  29. Add vegetable oil to a clean frying pan
  30. Heat in frying pan - medium-high heat
  31. Transfer shaped dough to frying pan
  32. Cook each side in frying pan - 6 min
  33. Repeat with the rest
  34. Cut the cooked flatbreads into triangles
  35. Serve

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