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Blue Cheese Sauce

Serves: 4Course: AccompanimentCategories: SauceMachine: Cooking machineTotal time (min.): 25
blue-cheese-sauce.png blue-cheese-sauce.png

This sauce is a great accompaniment to serve with steak.




  1. Fit whisk tool to kCook bowl
  2. Add unsalted butter and olive oil to the kCook bowl
  3. Fit kCook bowl to kCook Multi
  4. Attach lid to kCook bowl
  5. Heat with filler cap removed - 80°C, speed 3
  6. Then add plain flour to the kCook bowl
  7. Cook with filler cap removed - 3 min, 110°C, speed 6
  8. Then add milk to the kCook bowl
  9. Add garlic clove to the kCook bowl
  10. Cook with filler cap removed - 15 min, 98°C, speed 6
  11. Then add blue cheese to the kCook bowl
  12. Season to taste
  13. Cook with filler cap removed - 2 min, 80°C, speed 4
  14. Serve

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