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Getting the most from your stand mixer – a guide to the Titanium Chef Patissier XL, Cooking Chef XL and Titanium Chef Baker

Thinking of buying a Kenwood stand mixer? In this guide we’ll give you the lowdown on three models from our range; the Titanium Chef Patissier XL, the Cooking Chef XL and the Titanium Chef Baker, and explain why these versatile kitchen companions deserve to take pride of place on your worktop.


Why are stand mixers so popular?

Often referred to as being a much-needed extra pair of hands in the kitchen, think of a stand mixer as your own personal sous chef. Whether you’re baking or cooking, your stand mixer can perform a vast range of tasks - from combining ingredients to whisking egg whites or kneading dough, more quickly and more efficiently than you ever could by hand. And while they’re hard at work you’ve got your hands free to work on another part of a recipe; saving you prep time and effort and helping you achieve better results too. 
And that’s not all. Some of the stand mixers included here can also be used to weigh ingredients and even cook them, while the range of over 25 additional attachments available for the Chef range mean your stand mixer’s talents can be even further extended to include spiralizing vegetables, blending smoothies, making juice, grinding meat and more. 

The Titanium Chef Patissier XL

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Mixes,  whisks, kneads… with an impressive 1400W motor and durable stainless steel tools the Titanium Chef Patissier XL can do everything you would expect of a premium stand mixer- and then some. Because this is definitely not just your average stand mixer. 

Firstly, there’s the 7L stainless steel EasyWarm bowl which can be used to gently warm your ingredients; perfect for melting butter or chocolate,  and even for proving  dough. Then there’s the built-in EasyWeigh scales that allow you to weigh ingredients directly into your bowl as you go for mess-free baking and a lot less washing up, while the clever touchscreen functionality with six SimpleTouch preset functions make everyday baking tasks available at just the touch of a button. 

All the mixer’s innovative features are thoughtfully designed to help you achieve the best results with ease. So, conveniently nesting inside the EasyWarm bowl is a second 5L mixing bowl, which can be seamlessly swapped in when a recipe calls for more than one bowl. There’s also the in-bowl illumination to help you better see the colour and consistency of your mix, and a one-handed mixer head lift so you can easily add extra ingredients as you go. 

What can I use the Titanium Chef Patissier XL for?

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If you love baking, the possibilities really are endless with a machine this versatile - from cakes, breads and pastries to pavlovas and mousses. The six easy-to-use presets include dough proving (reducing proving times by a third when compared with a standard Kenwood mixer), dough kneading, all in one cake, egg white whisking and Swiss meringue. Why not put all the mixer’s intuitive design features to the test and make this delicious Coconut and Lemon Buttercream Cake you’ll whip up the lemon Swiss meringue buttercream in no time.
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You can also melt chocolate faster than when using a bain marie thanks to the EasyWarm bowl, which comes in very handy when making these irresistible dark chocolate and orange madeleines

The large capacity bowl and consistent power for mixing both light and dense ingredients makes for beautifully light and airy cake batters, every time; a stunning celebration cake with buttercream always goes down well. 

Which attachments can I use with it?

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The Titanium Chef Patissier XL comes with a selection of incredibly durable, multi-tasking bowl tools as standard, including a dough tool, whisk and creaming beater, which is fantastic for creating the smoothest buttercream and frosting mixes, with  flexible rubber wings that scrape all around the edge of the bowl, just like a spatula. 

Then there are all the additional attachments available to purchase, such as a blender, spiralizer, food mincer, juicer and a range of pasta shapers. We like to think there’s an attachment for every dish, so you can personalise your stand mixer so that it meets even more of your culinary needs. Check out the full list of attachments you can purchase here.

Making Feta, Herb and Sundried Tomato Pinwheel Bread with your Titanium Chef Patissier XL

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Your Titanium Chef Patissier XL’s dough preset functions come in very handy when making this Mediterranean inspired feta, herb and sun-dried tomato pinwheel bread. Made up of softly rolled dough stuffed with feta, herbs and sun-dried tomatoes, it’s the ultimate tear and share to serve at any gathering.

The Cooking Chef XL

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Our most technologically advanced stand mixer yet, the Cooking Chef XL has built-in induction technology to let you cook with your mixer as well as use it for baking. There are 13 easy to use preset functions that you navigate via the touchscreen, including dough kneading, dough proving, Italian and Swiss meringue, slow cook and one pot meals; simplifying even the most complex of recipes and allowing you to let the machine take over when you need to focus on something else. 

The in-built EasyWeigh scales allow you to measure all your ingredients straight into the bowl (or any of the other optional attachments you might be using) as you go, saving you time and cutting down on mess. You can even connect this mixer to the Kenwood World App. Choose from hundreds of mouthwatering sweet and savoury recipes and send step by step instructions and inspiration straight to your machine. 

What can I use the Cooking Chef XL for?

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With  its innovative range of functions and tools, the Cooking Chef XL is there to assist you in both your baking and cooking adventures. Whether it’s to simplify everyday tasks such as kneading dough or making a risotto for dinner, or to help you explore more technically advanced bakes, like profiteroles or macarons. 

The highly accurate induction heating technology enables you to change the temperature in 1˚C increments from 20˚C up to 180˚C, meaning you can use this mixer to do anything from soften butter, melt chocolate or prove dough, through to prepare jam, cook up an aromatic curry with homemade naan bread or even throw together a sizzling stir fry.


Which attachments can I use with it?

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This mixer comes equipped with the versatile and much-loved K-beater, along with a whisk, dough tool, creaming beater and stir tool. All are easy to clean, and safe to put in the dishwasher. As with all the Chef models, there are also over 25 optional attachments for you to buy, which can be attached to either the high or slow speed hub; ready for you to slice, grate, blend, spiralize, juice… the list goes on. Browse the full list here.

Making Lemon Meringue Cupcakes with your Cooking Chef XL

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With homemade lemon curd oozing from the centre and a glossy Italian meringue topping, these lemon meringue cupcakes wouldn't look out of place in a fancy patisserie. Let your Cooking Chef XL’s intuitive presets guide you through every step. 

The Titanium Chef Baker

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Passionate home baker? Meet your new best friend in the kitchen. All the award-winning Titanium Chef Baker and Chef Baker XL models come with precise built-in digital scales so you can effortlessly weigh ingredients directly into the bowl as you go, and soft-start speed control for mess-free baking. The 1200W digitally controlled ChefMotor™ has a delicate fold function that makes light as a feather meringues and mousses, while the unique planetary mixing covers the entire bowl, ensuring no ingredients get left behind around the sides or at the bottom.  Try this delicious chocolate mousse.

The silver Titanium Chef Baker .85 also comes with a handy second mixing bowl nesting inside the main bowl, so you can swap between them if the recipe requires without interruption.

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And because we know how much of an integral part of your kitchen your new mixer  will be, we have created our first customisable Chef. You can change the top cover of the white Titanium Chef Baker .65 to suit your kitchen’s decor or your personal style. Choose from a range of eight core colours, with limited editions released throughout the year and change up to suit your mood.

All of these innovative features are designed to make baking a seamless and enjoyable experience for you; saving you time and reducing mess and washing up, so that you can focus on what you love doing - creating.

What can I use the Chef Baker mixer for?

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If you regularly bake cakes, pastries and bread, the Chef Baker will help you achieve even better, more consistent results, in less time and with less mess, while giving you the confidence to explore new, more adventurous recipes and techniques. 

We love this mocha marble cake, which is so fuss free to make thanks to the Chef Baker .85’s extra mixing bowl, while using your Chef Baker to knead the dough for a spiced lamb flatbread takes no time at all. You can find more inspiring recipes for the Titanium Chef Baker and Baker XL here, or by downloading the Kenwood World app. 

Which attachments can I use?

The Titanium Chef Baker models come equipped with three multi-purpose, easy to clean stainless steel baking tools and a creaming beater, with  the option to purchase over 25 additional attachments to expand your stand mixer’s functionality. 
View the full list of optional attachments here and discover how much more you can do with your mixer.

Making a Blueberry and Lemon Tiramisu with your Chef Baker

KW Article_guide to Stand Mixers_Desktop_14.jpg KW Article_guide to Stand Mixer_Mobile_14.jpg
Make this zesty take on the classic Italian dessert the centerpiece at your next dinner party. Using the mixer’s delicate fold function is the secret to creating perfectly light and spongy lady fingers for the base layer.