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Vegan Sicilian Pizza (Sfincione)

Serves: 8Mealtime: Lunch, DinnerCategory: PizzaCourse: MainsMachine: Cooking MachineTotal time (min.): 155
vegan-sicilian-pizza-sfincione.png vegan-sicilian-pizza-sfincione.png

Sfincione, meaning ‘spongy’, originated in Sicily and might be a little bit different to the thin, crispy pizzas with a round crust that you’re used to. Made in a pan, this pizza has a thick, focaccia-like base, which is covered in cheese, followed by the passata-based sauce. While this may seem odd, the sauce reduces further on top of the pizza during baking, resulting in a delicious punch of tomato flavour, so use the best quality passata you can find! If you’re not a fan of dairy-free cheese you can leave it off altogether, or substitute it for real cheese if you’re not vegan. To make this pizza, we have used a 30cm x 25cm x 5cm baking tray.




    1. Attach the Stir Tool
    2. Add olive oil to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
    3. Lift the Cooking Chef head and fit the heat shield
    4. Heat with splashguard fitted - 1 min, 110°C, Speed OFF
    5. Then add garlic clove and fresh basil leaves to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
    6. Cook with splashguard fitted until translucent - 2 min, 110°C, Stir 2
    7. Then add tomato passata, sea salt and sugar to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
    8. Cook with splashguard fitted until thickened - 8 min, 96°C, Stir 2
    9. Remove the basil sprig
    10. Transfer sauce to bowl then set aside
    11. Clean Cooking Chef bowl
    12. Attach the Dough Tool
    13. Add active dried yeast and water to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
    14. Let rest - 5 min
    15. Add strong white bread flour, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
    16. Mix with splashguard fitted until mixture comes together - 1 min, Speed 1
    17. Knead with splashguard fitted until dough forms - 2 min, Speed 2
    18. Remove the Dough Tool
    19. Prove with splashguard fitted until doubled in size - 1 hr 30 min, 30°C, Speed OFF
    20. Pre-heat oven - 180°C
    21. Add olive oil to a clean baking tray
    22. Use your hands to grease the tray with the oil until evenly coated
    23. Transfer dough to baking tray
    24. Gently spread it out, being careful not to knock any air out
    25. Top with vegan mozzarella and vegan parmesan
    26. Top with tomato sauce
    27. Sprinkle with dried oregano
    28. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil
    29. Bake - 25 min, 180°C
    30. Remove from oven
    31. Serve

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