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Vegan Arancini with Fresh Herbs

Serves: 6Category: VeganCourse: StartersMachine: Cooking MachineTotal time (min.): 75
vegan-arancini-with-fresh-herbs.png vegan-arancini-with-fresh-herbs.png

Originating in Sicily, arancini are a staple of Italian street cuisine and can be adapted to a variety of flavours and fillings. This version combines a traditional risotto blanco base with fresh parsley, thyme, and rosemary for a vibrant, herby ball of flavour. Stuffed with vegan cheese that melts in the mouth, this is the perfect plant-based snack to impress your friends.




  1. Line a clean baking tray with parchment paper
  2. Attach the Stir Tool and Stir Assist Clip
  3. Add olive oil to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  4. Lift the Cooking Chef head and fit the heat shield
  5. Heat with splashguard fitted until hot - 1 min, 110°C, Speed OFF
  6. Then add onion and garlic clove to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  7. Cook with splashguard fitted until translucent - 4 min, 110°C, Stir 2
  8. Then add risotto rice to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  9. Cook until combined - 1 min, 110°C, Stir 2
  10. Then add vegetable stock to the Cooking Chef XL Bowl
  11. Cook until reduced - 18 min, 100°C, Stir 3
  12. Transfer rice to medium bowl
  13. Add vegan parmesan, salt and black pepper to the medium bowl
  14. Stir until combined and let cool for 20 minutes
  15. Add vegan mozzarella, fresh parsley, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary and lemon juice to the medium bowl
  16. Stir until combined
  17. Add plain flour and water to a clean medium bowl
  18. Stir until combined
  19. Add breadcrumbs to a clean small bowl
  20. Shape the risotto mixture into 12 balls
  21. Dip each ball in the flour mixture, followed by the breadcrumbs
  22. Place the balls on the lined baking tray
  23. Line a clean plate with paper towels
  24. Add peanut oil to a clean saucepan
  25. Heat - 175°C
  26. Using a slotted spoon, carefully place 4 arancini balls into the pot
  27. Work in batches and do not put too many balls in the pot as this will lower the oil temperature
  28. Fry until golden brown - 4 min
  29. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the balls onto the lined plate to drain
  30. Repeat the same process with the rest of the arancini balls
  31. Serve


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