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Coconut, White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Tart

Serves: 10Category: ChocolateTart Recipe course: DessertMachine: MixerTotal time (min.): 145
coconut-white-chocolate-and-passion-fruit-tart.png coconut-white-chocolate-and-passion-fruit-tart.png

A coconut and almond base with a white chocolate cream filling, topped with passionfruit and lime zest to cut through the sweetness.




  1. Grease and line a clean round pan with parchment paper then set aside
  2. Attach Creaming beater
  3. Add golden syrup and coconut oil to the EasyWarm Bowl
  4. Heat with splashguard fitted until melted - approx 2 min, 8, Speed Min
  5. Then add ground almonds, unsweetened shredded coconut, vanilla extract and salt to the EasyWarm Bowl
  6. Mix with splashguard fitted - approx 20 sec, Speed 1
  7. Transfer content of EasyWarm Bowl to round pan
  8. Spread until level and press down
  9. Chill in fridge - 1 hr
  10. Clean EasyWarm Bowl
  11. Attach Creaming beater
  12. Add white chocolate to the EasyWarm Bowl
  13. Heat with splashguard fitted - 10 min, 7, Stir 1
  14. Then add whipping cream and vanilla extract to the EasyWarm Bowl
  15. Mix with splashguard fitted until combined - approx 20 sec, Speed 1
  16. Remove the bowl from the machine and set aside
  17. Attach Whisk
  18. Add whipping cream to the Kenwood Bowl
  19. Whisk - approx 20 sec, Speed 5
  20. Place a sieve over a bowl
  21. Scoop passion fruit onto a clean sieve
  22. Press the pulp through the sieve collecting the juice
  23. Pour juice into Kenwood Bowl
  24. Transfer content of EasyWarm Bowl to Kenwood Bowl
  25. Whisk until combined - approx 20 sec, Speed 5
  26. Remove the round pan from the fridge
  27. Transfer content of Kenwood Bowl to round pan
  28. Spread until level
  29. Chill in fridge until set - approx 1 hr
  30. Add passion fruit and icing sugar to a clean small bowl
  31. Mix gently until combined
  32. Drizzle the passion fruit over the tart
  33. Decorate with lime zest, raspberries, pomegranate seeds and mint leaves
  34. Chill in fridge until needed
  35. Serve

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