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Serves: 6 people

Recipe course: Desserts

Total time (min.): 35Complexity (1 to 3): 1
Recipe type: Cakes & party food, Tarts & pastries
churros_620x325.jpg churros_620x325.jpg
This is a Mexican treat that’s great for parties. You can make smaller churros or experiment with shapes.



Ingredients 1 
Dark chocolate  200 grams 
Whipping cream  100 ml 
Whole milk  100 ml 
Golden syrup  3 Tbsp. 
Vanilla extract  0.5 tsp. 
Ingredients 2 
Caster sugar  100 grams 
Ground cinnamon  2 tsp. 
Ingredients 3 
Milk  200 ml 
Butter  50 grams 
Vanilla extract  0.5 tsp. 
Caster sugar  1 Tbsp. 
Ingredients 4 
Plain flour  150 grams 
Ingredients 5 
Eggs  3 
Ingredients 6 
Vegetable oil  as needed


Prep. (Before you begin) 

1- Cut the butter into cubes and leave at room temperature to soften. 
2- Break up the chocolate.

Getting started

Fit the K beater to the machine.
Stage 1 
1- Add Ingredients 1 (chocolate, cream, milk, golden syrup, vanilla ) into the medium saucepan.
2- Heat over a low heat, stirring occasionally until melted and combined.
3- Set aside. 
Stage 2 
1- Add Ingredients 2 (sugar, cinnamon) onto the dish.
2- Mix together and set aside.
Stage 3 
1- Add Ingredients 3 (milk, butter, vanilla, sugar) into a medium saucepan.
2- Heat over a medium heat and bring to the boil.
Stage 4 
1- Add Ingredients 4 (flour) into the saucepan. 
2- Beat together until the mixture is smooth and shiny and it comes away from the sides of the pan.
3- Transfer the mixture to the Mixer bowl. 
4- Attach the Mixer bowl to the machine and fit the splash guard.
5- Mix on speed 3 for about 3 minutes.
Stage 5 
1- Start the machine on speed 2. 
2- With the machine running, gradually add Ingredients 5 (eggs) into the Mixer bowl.
3- Mix until combined.
4- Leave to cool slightly. 
Stage 6 
1- Add Ingredients 6 (oil) into the large saucepan, half filling it.
2- Heat to 175°C.
3- Transfer the batter to a piping bag.
4- Pipe the batter into the oil using oiled scissors to cut the dough to about 15 cm logs.
5- Fry the batter in batches until golden brown. 
6- Pat dry with paper towels.
7- Roll the churros in the cinnamon sugar. 
8- Serve with the chocolate sauce.

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