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Chilli Coriander Mayo - By Conor Spacey

Makes: 300ml (½ pint)Categories: SauceCuisine: MexicanCourse: AccompanimentMachine: MultiPro GoTotal time (min.): 10 
Conor Chilli Coriander Mayo desktop.jpg Conor Chilli Coriander Mayo desktop.jpg
A great way to use up the Aquafaba (water from the tinned chickpeas), into a fantastic creamy mayonnaise, a great condiment to have in your fridge.



Put the aquafaba into your Kenwood multi-pro and pulse until it starts to get creamy, then add all your ingredients (except for the oil) and combine. On a medium speed slowly add the oil until it thickens into a creamy mayonnaise, store in a jar in your fridge for two weeks.

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