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Chicken Soup with Vermicelli

Serves: 4Category: ChickenSoups Recipe course: MainsTotal time (min.): 30 
chicken-soup-with-vermicelli.png chicken-soup-with-vermicelli.png

An aromatic chicken noodle broth which is warming and tasty.




  1. Add chicken breast, garlic clove, garlic purée, chicken stock, carrot, onion and leek to the SoupEasy Goblet
  2. Select Chunky Soup programme then press Start
  3. Cook then press pause - 15 min
  4. Add vermicelli, salt & pepper, fresh parsley and fresh thyme to the SoupEasy Goblet
  5. Press start and continue
  6. Serve


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The silky chicken soup is loaded with egg ribbons, chicken and corn – it’s so rich and satisfying that it can be served as a light main dish

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Classic Chicken Soup

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