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Apricot, Honey and Hazelnut Flapjacks

Serves: 12                   Recipe course: Dessert                    Machine: MixerTotal time (min.): 70 
apricot-honey-and-hazelnut-flapjacks.png apricot-honey-and-hazelnut-flapjacks.png

These fruity, gooey flapjack bars make a great addition to a picnic or packed lunch. If you have a food processor attachment or a mini chopper use the pulse function to chop the dried apricots in two batches before you begin.




    1. Pre-heat oven - 190°C
    2. Line a clean square pan with parchment paper then set aside
    3. Attach Creaming beater
    4. Add unsalted butter, light brown sugar, runny honey, sea salt and ground cinnamon to the EasyWarm Bowl
    5. Mix until melted - 8 min, 9, Stir 1
    6. Then add jumbo oats, hazelnuts and orange to the EasyWarm Bowl
    7. Mix until combined - 30 sec, Speed Min
    8. Transfer half of content of EasyWarm Bowl to square pan
    9. Add dried apricots to the square pan
    10. Spread and press down
    11. Transfer the rest of content of EasyWarm Bowl to square pan
    12. Spread and press down
    13. Bake until golden brown - 25 min, 190°C
    14. Let cool
    15. Clean EasyWarm Bowl
    16. Attach Creaming beater
    17. Add unsalted butter to the EasyWarm Bowl
    18. Mix until melted - 3 min, 9, Stir 1
    19. Then add natural yogurt and vanilla extract to the EasyWarm Bowl
    20. Mix - 20 sec, Speed 1
    21. Then add icing sugar to the EasyWarm Bowl
    22. Mix - 30 sec, Speed 1
    23. Chill in fridge until thickened - approx 10 min
    24. Turn out content of square pan onto serving plate
    25. Drizzle with the yogurt topping or dip each flapjack into the mixture to fully coat the top
    26. Chill in fridge until set - approx 20 min
    27. Serve

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