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American Style Pancakes

Serves: 5Mealtime: BreakfastType: PancakesTotal time (min.): 45Complexity (1 to 3): 1
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Top these fluffy pancakes with fruit and syrup, chocolate spread, or ice cream.


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Ingredients 1 
Plain flour                       325 grams 
Caster sugar                   50 grams 
Baking powder              1.5 Tbsp. 
Bicarbonate of soda     0.5 tsp. 
Salt                                    0.5 tsp. 
Ingredients 2 
Egg                                         4 
Buttermilk                            150 grams 
Whole milk                           225 grams 
Butter                                     2 Tbsp. 
To Garnish blueberries     as needed
Maple syrup                         as needed


Prep. (Before you begin) 
1- Melt the butter. 

Getting started 
1- Fit the K beater to the machine.
Stage 1 
1- Add Ingredients 1 (flour, sugar, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt) into the Mixer bowl.
2- Attach the Mixer bowl to the machine and fit the splash guard.
3- Mix on speed Min for about 10 seconds.

Stage 2 
 1- Add Ingredients 2 (egg, buttermilk, milk, butter) to the jug.
 2- Beat together.
 3- Start the machine on speed 1. 
 4- Carefully pour half of the content of the jug. 
 5- Mix until combined. 
 6- Increase the speed to speed 2. 
 7- Add the rest of the wet ingredients. 
 8- Mix until combined.
 9- Increase the speed to speed 3 and mix for about 30 seconds.
10- Heat a frying pan over a medium low heat. 
11- Spoon about 3 tablespoons of mixture into the pan and swirl into a pancake shape.
12- Cook for 2 minutes or until bubbles begin to form.
13- Flip the pancake and cook for 1 more minute. 
14- Keep the pancakes warm while the rest cook.
15- Serve.
16- To Serve. Serve with syrup and blueberries.

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