Chef Elite

Food. Made better with Kenwood

Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, CHEF ELITE enables passionate cooks like yourself to create dishes to your highest standard. (*76% of 102 agree)

Chef Built to last Designed to grow

Baking is about inspiration and creativity, just as much as the end result. Baking a fantastic cake is great, but sharing it with your loved ones is what created long lasting memories.

  • K Beater

    Whether you’re making pastry or biscuits, or simply combining a mixture, the iconic K-Beater will beat together just about anything.


    The powerful whisk will create mountainous peaks, whip up the thickest cream and evenly mix a batter for the perfect rise.


    The sturdy dough hook can knead all types of dough, from pizza to pasta, for a buttery brioche or a crusty loaf.

  • [Optional extra] CREAMING BEATER

    This flexible tool scrapes all ingredients from the side of the bowl, combining them for the smoothest icing or cake mixture.

  • [Optional extra] FOLD TOOL

    The folding tool glides through ingredients carefully, retaining the maximum amount of air needed for light macaroons and mousses.

Built to last

The Chef Elite has been produced to the highest standard, with high quality materials and comes with a reassuring 5 year warranty.

20+ optional attachments

Cooking is about inspiration and creativity, just as much as the end result.  The idea of creating homemade food for your family is the motivation behind your culinary adventures.