The first electric spiralizer

The Kenwood Spiralizer will turn vegetables into noodles and ribbons to add a refreshing twist to salads, stir fry, casseroles and soups.

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What is a Spiralizer?

The Spiralizer can quickly and easily make vegetable pasta carrots, cucumbers, squash or courgette. It allows you to reinvent classic salads, entrees and desserts with fresh fruits and vegetables in spiral shapes and do it all without a cutting board or knife.

Vegetables take on an entirely new dimension of interesting textures using the Kenwood Spiralizer. 

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Enjoy delicious results in minutes

A great replacement for pasta and rice or even chips, so you and your family can enjoy healthier meals altogether. Spiralizer is easy to use, mess free and can handle a variety of fruit and veg with no fuss at all.

Stunning salads, tasty stir fries, awesome casseroles, hearty meals and warming soups can be created with the Spiralizer. Eat the results raw, or cook them to replace rice or pasta. The possibilities really are endless!

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Your new electric spiralizer includes:


  • Two cones; Pappardelle and Linguine to easily personalise your food
  • Durable stainless steel blades to effortlessly slice all types of fruit and vegetable
  • Quick and easy to use for simple, fresh and tasty dinners
  • Generous 0.5L container to catch your vegetable spirals, keeping your worktops clean
  • Easy clean dishwasher safe parts
  • New cones available early 2017

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Join in with the spiralizing revolution!

Find out more about spiralizing and add your own healthy plate to our Facebook page or Instagram page, or let us know how you are getting on with your revolutionary new spiralizer! 

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We would love to hear from you!

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Good food made fun

Experiment with different tastes to suit all dietary requirements, we have lots of recipes for you to try, including four fabulous creations by Amelia Freer, Nutritional Therapist and bestselling author of ‘Cook Nourish Glow'. 

There are also a feast of recipes with videos where you can see the Kenwood Electric Spiralizer in action. Our kitchens are working hard to create more, so visit regularly! 

Amelia Freer, Best selling author of Cook Nourish Glow, has written many recipes for the Kenwood Spiralizer

Click here to view the recipes.

"Fresh, tasty and really healthy!"

Amelia Freer, Best selling author of Cook Nourish Glow, has written many recipes for the Kenwood Spiralizer

Check out our videos, recipes and more!

Check out our videos, recipes and more!

Find out more about the spiralizing revolution and keep up with all the latest news, recipes and competitions

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Hints & Tips to optimise your Spiralizer results

Spiralizer FAQs

Check here for how to get the very best results from your electric Spiralizer

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