kMix Hand Blender

From soups to sauces, the new Kmix Hand Blender makes light work of your ingredients, effortlessly creating delicious dishes in no time. Designed and engineered in the UK, the Kmix Hand Blender comes with Kenwood trademarked durable stainless steel triple blade TriBlade™ technology to maximise chopping and blending efficiency.

Its one-handed operation and range of different attachments make the Kmix Hand Blender a versatile kitchen companion. The Stainless-steel blending leg creates exceptional smoothies and sauces, while the Soup XL leg blends delicious soups in deeper pans.

Use the Masher Pro attachment for restaurant-quality silky mash or simply change the screen head for coarse mash - perfect for cottage or fish pie. The chopping vessel is excellent for homemade pastes, dips, sauces and rubs. Partner it with our matching kMix Hand Mixer and Blender to make your food preparation a stylish, uncomplicated affair. The kMix Hand Blender is durable and easy to clean.


  • Durable stainless steel triple blade TriBlade™ technology to maximise chopping and blending efficiency
  • Soup XL attachment - large foot with TriBlade™ system for blending bigger batches in the pan
  • Masher Pro attachment with two screens for coarse or fine mash, developed even for tough food
  • 0.5L chopping vessel with stainless steel blades - ideal for chopping ingredients for sauces, vinaigrettes and dips
  • 5 speeds + pulse give you the control to blend to your desired consistency
  • Speed control gives a smoother movement between speed settings and ensures careful and smooth build up without causing the spillage of ingredients
  • Enhanced attachment latching for better connectivity and with no food traps
  • 800W Motor Power produces effective & efficient blending performance

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