The raspberry kMix Food Processor FPX931

This food processor belongs to the Kenwood kMix co-ordinated range of kitchen appliances. Designed for everyday use, the kMix food processor can be relied upon to help with a variety of food preparation tasks, while making a statement in your kitchen.

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The raspberry kMix FPX931 food processor has a powerful 1000W motor, metal body and uses the patented Multipro dual drive system and space-saving design. It comes with a family-sized 3 litre bowl with 1.5 litre working capacity, serrated main blade, stainless steel slicing and grating discs, and a variety of other attachments.

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The kMix Food Processor FPX931 is just perfect if you insist on Kenwood's trusted brand to help you create more of your favourite recipes. It includes a 1000W motor to run different functions, and includes a 3 litre bowl, and a variety of attachments.


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