Whether you’re fixing dinner for the family or creating canapés for guests, the new Kenwood MultiOne is the ultimate tool in food prep. Fully equipped to chop, slice and grate as well as mix, beat and whisk, the MultiOne delivers a whole range of food preparation techniques in one brilliant design.

The MultiOne makes elaborate kitchen tasks easy, producing great results even when you’re short on time. Thanks to a range of unique bowl tools and attachments, food preparation is fast and stress-free, so you can effortlessly conjure fantastic creations in the kitchen without the hassle. Mix silky smooth cake batter, knead delicious dough or whisk perfectly peaked meringues at the touch of a button. Homemade sweet treats and indulgent delicacies are at your fingertips.

This all-in-one is also a juice extractor and food processor to help you create nutritious juices and smoothies from scratch for healthy boosts at home. Juice any kind of fresh fruit, from apples to coconuts. Blitz vegetables for zingy salsas. Muddle berries for sweet compotes. It’s easy to make exciting recipes that are as delicious as they are convenient. The in-built stainless steel blades will chop and grate fresh vegetables for you quickly and cleanly, and the food mincer attachment makes even homemade burgers and sausages possible. Creating sumptuous food at home couldn’t be easier.

The MultiOne’s intelligent design pairs beauty and brawn in equal measure. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, we’ve engineered it for high-end performance around you and its intuitive, simple controls make it efficient and easy to use. From the specially designed bowl tools to the splashguard and soft start variable speed, we make sure your cooking is free from mess but full on performance. Our high quality stainless steel blades ensure the MultiOne’s precision endures over time, meaning you can make exquisite meals for years to come. At a powerful 1000W, and with a 4.3 litre brushed stainless steel bowl, you can easily cater for the whole family or parties of guests — the MultiOne is the one solution for everything, anytime.

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