About the kMix Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter - AX971

Tagliatelle is a traditional type of pasta from the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions of Italy.

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These long, 6mm flat ribbons can be served with a variety of sauces, the classic being is a meat or Bolognese sauce.

N.B: This pasta cutter should be used in conjunction with the AX970 or KAX970 Pasta Roller, which fits the kMix Stand Mixers and Chef Sense ranges. 

Will this attachment fit my machine?

This attachment will fit the following machines:

  • A701/ A707 (Manufactured before 1976) - NO
  • A901/A907 (1976 onwards)  - NO
  • Chef/Major models beginning with KM - NO
  • Sense/ Sense XL Yes
  • kMix Stand Mixers - Yes
  • Prospero - No
  • Patissier - No
  • MultiOne - No

The model number can be found on the underside of your machine - e.g. KM330, KMC501, KM010 etc. 

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