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A twist on everyday meals

The Spiralizer Attachment allows you to quickly and easily transform family favourites into healthy, tasty replacements. Simply fit to your Kitchen Machine, and watch your favourite fruits and vegetables turn into delicious spirals, noodles and ribbons.

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Try something new

The attachment comes with five different blades, giving you the flexibility to create a variety of dishes.

Pappardelle Cutting Cone – Create thick cucumber and carrot ribbons for healthy salads.

Linguine Cutting Cone – Mix thin, linguine-style noodles with prawns and carbonara sauce for a delicious midweek meal.

Spaghetti Cutting Cone – Serve spiralized butternut squash or courgette with bolognaise sauce for a healthy family dinner.

Tagliatelle Cutting Cone – Top sweet tarts with thick ribbons of apple for a twist on classic desserts.

Crinkle Cutting Cone – Dish-up spiralized sweet potato fries with fish or chicken for a dinner that will be loved by all.

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Why Spiralize?

The Kenwood Spiralizer attachment is vegetable spiral slicer which can turn fruit and vegetables into low-carb vegetable noodles, spirals and ribbons of ‘pasta’ effortlessly. Your results will be healthy and filling, and contain a fraction of the calories. Ideal if you want to improve your diet and eat more healthily, or for gluten free and clean eating.

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What is a spiralizer?

Spiralizers are a Japanese invention, but more and more kitchens now include a manual spiralizer in their arsenal. A spiralizer uses a sharp blade and manual crank to create healthy low carbohydrate veggie "spaghetti" swirls. The results look stunning, and spiralizing is a great way to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet. 

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What types of food can be spiralized?

Most types of vegetables and fruit are suitable for spiralizing, and we recommend you experiment with your favourites. The best results we have found so far are vegetables such as courgettes, cucumber, squash, carrots and beetroot. Apples, plantains and pears make a fabulous addition to salads and desserts.

Stunning salads, tasty stir fries, awesome casseroles, hearty meals and warming soups can be created with the Spiralizer. Eat the results raw, or cook them to replace rice or pasta. The possibilities really are endless!

Spiralizer Attachment  - KAX700PL Zoom IconsView Gallery

How quickly should I eat the spiralized food?

The results can be refridgerated, or some can even be frozen, but many are best eaten on the same day, to ensure you get the maximum nutritional benefits from your creations. Courgette noodles (or zoodles, otherwise known as zucchini noodles, or courgetti, which is a courgette spaghetti), can store for up to five days in the refridgerator. Going on a picnic? Help to preserve your recipe by adding a little lemon juice. 

*not compatible with models A701 and A707.

Will this attachment fit my machine?

This attachment will fit the following machines:

  • A701/ A707 (Manufactured before 1976) - NO
  • A901/A907 (1976 onwards)  - YES - With Adapter KAT001ME
  • Chef/Major models beginning with KM - YES - With Adapter KAT001ME
  • Sense/ Sense XL Yes
  • Chef/ Chef XL (post 2016) models beginning with KVC or KVL - Yes
  • kMix Stand Mixers - Yes
  • Prospero - NO
  • Patissier XL - YES
  • Cooking Chef - YES
  • MultiOne - NO

Explore your creativity


Open up another world of meal creation with our range of kitchen machine attachments. Blend, slice, dice, mince, grate, mill – the choice is yours.

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